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April 25, 2018
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2 Brothers Find James Hewitt Behind a Blind Corner in Marbella

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2 Brothers Find James Hewitt Behind a Blind Corner in Marbella

Blind Corner is of course the amazing Vineyard and Winery in Western Australia (and possibly all of Australia’s) finest wine growing region, The Margaret River.

Now what on earth can be the link between James Hewitt, 2 Brothers and a remote part of Australia, apart from the fact that dear James would have almost certainly been one of the first off the ship at Botany Bay had he been born a few hundred years earlier.
Of course the answer lies in the wonderful wine tasting held at the Polo House in Marbella this week with Blind Corner’s Ben Gould and Vivanova’s Bradley Mitton where 2o or so of Marbella’s finest palettes sat down to a 7 course dinner accompanied by 4 of Blind Corner’s finest.
Managed by Ben and Naomi Gould, Blind Corner is located in Margaret River, Western Australia, in the sub-region of Wilyabrup, where Ben produce wines with minimal, if any, additives.
First up was the delightful Semillon Sauvignon Blanc, pale and slightly greenish in colour, this wine was full of fruit aromas with grass and gooseberries prominent, well for me anyway. I detected the hint of oak which of course came from the aging of the semillon. This coupled with our starter of Cornish Crab was just perfect, and also for the Turbot our second course.This is the kind of wine you can shlurp all night, if needed.
Now what would you have with a Roasted Iberian Pork Terrine, well of course a slightly fizzy Cabernet Sauvignon Rose, full of dark cherry and strawberry flavours, stunning.
The brigade in Jame’s kitchen then served up the classic, steak Rossini as we charged our glasses with some 2 Brothers Cabernet Merlot. Blackcurrant, blueberries, liquorice and dark chocolate were in abundance on the nose but rich and smooth on the tongue and an excellent wine for some excellent beef.
I have to say these were some of the finest wines I have tasted in many a year and not the usual big brash Aussies I am used to. This was especially relevant to the final wine, an odd grape for desert I thought, (Panacotta with Red Wine Poached Pears), my favorite tipple Shiraz. Normally bursting with fruit and black pepper and one I would have expected to have gone well with the Rossini. but this “beaut” re named Blind Corner Field Blend is as smooth as a well oiled slug and for sure my favorite of the evening, so much so I swiped a bottle on leaving to have with my Christmas Pudding.
James Hewitt and guests had a truly delightful evening at the Polo House and I for one will hope it’s not the last.
For more information on these wines and how to get them have a little tickle on the links below