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June 20, 2018
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Jose Gonzalez Bueno To Get Hyperrealistic At Kasser Rassu, Marbella

Jose Gonzalez Bueno To Get Hyperrealistic At Kasser Rassu, Marbella

Jose Gonzalez Bueno, exhibition, Kasser Rassu, Marbella

On the 5th of February, Jose Gonzalez Bueno will be exhibiting his “Hyperrealistic Unique Watercolors” at Kasser Rassu Art Gallery in Marbella

Local boy Jose Gonzalez Bueno, Born in Málaga in 1957, keeping up the tradition of Malagueños at the heart of the European art scene,

Self taught, learning the fundamentals of sketching and oil painting, but most of all, the theory of colour and composition, he soon became interested in the possibilities of Watercolour, mainly because of the endless tonal variations possible, and it suited his draughtsmanship abilities very well, studying closely the technique of the British masters of the 19th century, primarily the Victorian period between 1850 and 1900.

He has focused as well on Viennese watercolours of the same period. He has had over 25 individual exhibitions since 1988 in Art Galleries in Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella, Almería, Granada, Seville and Málaga.

ParticipatIng in numerous Competitions and groups, amongst others the Top 100 of the Arts for the Parks Contest of the United States National Academy for the Arts, years 2003 and 2004, Jose has recieved many awards including:

.-First Medal in Watercolour in the 64th Salón de Otoño de la Asociación Española de Pintores y Escultores, y Premio Talens. Madrid, 1997.
.-Certamen de Dibujo Felipe Orlando. 2º Premio. Benalmádena, 1999.
.-3er Certamen de Pintura Ciudad de Málaga, de la Asociación Española de Pintores y Escultores, 1st Prize. Málaga, 2000.Amongst works done for the Spanish foreign Legion, a painting presented to H.M. the King of Spain D. Juan Carlos I in June, 1994.Several works in the collection of the Royal House of Jordan, as well as private collections through the world!

Founder Member and Vice-president of the Malaga Watercolour Association.

This exhibition will be a first for Jose in Kasser Rassu in Marbella and will be attended by the new mayor of Marbella Pepe Bernal as well as Asturian born singer Luz Casal.

Ursula Salvador is representing him in Spain And Miami now And collaborating w Kasser Rassu on this Event And exposition All the Month of Febreary. For further Info on the ARTIST And His present And future Works Please contact Ursula Salvador at : Tlf 34677651634. And mail :

Jose Gonzalez Bueno, marbella, kasser rassu art gallery

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