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April 25, 2018
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5th Marbella Luxury Weekend Fails To Impress

Marbella Luxury Weekend

5th Marbella Luxury Weekend Fails To Impress

5th Marbella Luxury Weekend Fails To Impress

Yet again the Marbella Luxury Weekend has failed to impress and as in previous years has left the tourist out in the cold.

Now if you were one of the lucky invitees that live in Marbella then I’m sure you all had a wonderful time at the parties patting each other on the back and thinking how special you are.

So dear friends spare a thought for the tourist who no doubt spent a hefty part of his yearly income to come to Marbella and listen to all the back slapping behind closed doors. Surely the whole point of this event is to show the outside world what we have to offer, not keep it a secret from all the visitors who need to know about the wonders of our town but are kept at arms length in events such as this.mv agusta brutale rr, marbella luxury weekend

The only person who even bothered to put on a half decent show was Mario Guarnieri with a range of super cars and bikes that could be enjoyed by all and as such actually sold 3 MV Agusta Dragsters and a brace of vintage cars. The only other exhibitor worthy of note was the Red Penguin Gallery who reported great interest in their works of art.

A fashion show by Yamia was fun but again only for those elite that were invited, and the high spot was the launch party on Thursday which had the marvelous Aitana dancing flamenco as only she knows. aitana flamenco, marbella luxury weekendAlthough this was also a super VIP invite only affair it was clearly not secure enough to keep out the cast of Towie who had great fun quaffing all the free booze on offer.towie, lauren pope, marbella

Now my guess is that without the proper sponsorship and leadership this event has been read it’s last rites, well it certainly has by me, but who knows, now with a new four party coalition headed into the Town Hall we may not see it at all next year, or maybe, just maybe the Junta may inject some well needed cash now that the Partido Popular have been ousted and the town is to be run by their own PSOE…

We can only wait and see.


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