Al-Andalus Foundation Presents "El Mediterráneo Como Tierra de Pasión"
April 25, 2018
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Al-Andalus Foundation Presents “El Mediterráneo Como Tierra de Pasión”

Al-Andalus Foundation Presents “El Mediterráneo Como Tierra de Pasión” at Kasser Rassu Art Gallery in Marbella.


The Al-Andalus Art and Culture Foundation is a nonprofit organization that aims to promote and disseminate the cultural, tangible and intangible heritage of Andalusia establishing agreements and synergies for action with the Arab world and especially with the people who had great relevance historical development of Al-Andalus, and the promotion of artists and writers, and in general, all people relate to the Arab world.


Las tres gracias (3)The Al-Andalus Foundation intends to organize a series of activities to promote and publicize the Arab culture in Andalucia, specifically in the province of Málaga, and in the city of Marbella .

“Our logo, inspired by the work of artist Miguel Moreno-statue that pays homage to the Phoenicians, formed by the figures of man, the boat and the horse is a symbol of history and of our ancestors on their journey by boat to Granada, from the Middle East and Middle East. The Phoenician, a civilization that spread across the Mediterranean coast of Europe and Asia, we left an important cultural legacy, the highlight being the link between the different worlds created bordering the Mediterranean Sea. It reflects a restless adventurer who wanted to discover the world traveling by boat, the wind and facing countless difficulties, making it worth their strength and courage. Beside him, his horse, emblem of nobility, wealth and generosity. ”


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