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May 21, 2018
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Black and White, Puerto Banus Celebrate 50 Years of James Bond


Black and White, Puerto Banus Celebrate 50 Years of James Bond

Aston Martin Marbella

This weekend Black and White restaurant in Puerto Banus, Marbella celebrated 50years of James Bond with more fire power than you would find in a Bagdad back street.

A packed house of diners, or super spies as they would like to have thought were invited, along with a set of plans, to construct a bomb with parts they would find in the restaurant. Clues were handed out over the course of the evening and the searching began, even as far as the toilets for the missing pieces.

Our table led by Agent Kavousi from the Kasser Rassu Agency decided that of course she had to be M and set about constructing  a Weapon of Mass Destruction before anybody else, note to Tony Blair, you were looking in the wrong spot, you would have had better luck looking behind the fish tanks in Black and White than spending millions of beer tokens on a trip to the Middle East.

M of course won the day, even reverting to out and out theft to succeed in her task and apparently saved the world, Hurrah…

Also set up in the restaurant was an excellent firing range using the new phenomenon that is “Air Soft”. Pistols and rifles firing small plastic pellets at targets, although I think the word “soft” could be changed for “ouch that bloody hurts”

Yours truly of course won the pistol shooting competition with a score of 84/100 despite half a case of limited edition Heineken swilling around in my Daniel Craig like body, and am now considering a career change with MI6.


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