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May 21, 2018
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Chaka Khan and Custers Last Stand

Chaka Khan, that legendary Queen of disco bought the Marbella summer season of concerts to a close this week at her concert in The Puente Romano Hotel.

Now, not since Crazy Horse told General Custer to get “off my land” after Custer declared that ginger was indeed the best colour for a beard and that he would be setting up his own barbers at the Little Big Horn, has such Banshee wailing been heard in this fair World. Yes folks I only managed to stay for four songs before Chaka started to disintegrate the small bones in my ears and I felt the stent in my heart begin to dislodge.

Was she always this bad, or was it that in my youth, ten pints of Double Diamond was enough to dull the senses to see the whole set through? When Chaka sang “I Feel For You” for a minute I thought she was trying to tell me something.

As for the band, well they were the total opposite, real musicians who formed a back line so tight you couldn’t slip a cigarette paper between them and I would have happily listened to them all night long with Chaka standing next to me at the bar, quietly.

In recent weeks we have enjoyed the likes of Gloria Gaynor and Chic with Nile Rogers, all who have stood the test of time, well vocally anyway, but Chaka Khan sadly should re-brand to Chaka Khan’t.

Still it’s been a blast this summer musically with more concerts here in Marbella than the big cities like Barcelona and Madrid. With rumours abound that the Starlite Festival is lounging in debt, will we see the same number next year… I do hope not.

Less is more they say, lets have maybe five really top acts through the summer season that everybody will wish to see, don’t charge ridiculous entry and drinks fees and we will all live happily ever after.

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