Cristal Optus Medical Energy Health and Research Center
May 24, 2018
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Cristal Optus Medical Energy Health and Research Center

Professor Konstantin Korotkov presented his ideas on the new Cristal Optus Medical Energy Health and Research Center in Marbella at Da Brunos Sul Mare

Cristal Optus Marbella
Professor Konstantin Korotkov

Imagine a place where high-quality scientific research and specialized medical application are united in an exclusive environment. 

Cristal Optus was born to make that dream a reality designing a Health and Research Center in a natural environment that invites to rest and relaxation. In this environment is where our scientists and researchers develop their work in Biophysics.
The visitors to our Health and Research Centre will understand that the quality and comfort of our facilities respond to the quality and service of our professionals.


CRISTAL OPTUS is a meeting place where tomorrow is already today and a space where we want to organize the ideas, the ingenuity and the resources to accept the challenge of the changes in course. Scientific progress is radically revolutionizing healthcare demand and the ways of satisfying such.

The exclusive treatments applied in the Cristal Optus Centre, developed by a team of Doctors and based on the research of Prof. Korotkov allow realizing this process of Rejuvenation and good Health. Every customer transforms her/his lifestyle through a correct training. A unique scientific method to improve the quality of life established by Prof. Korotkov, which is based on Scientific Medical Research on the Energy of the Human Body. Each person is subjected to a Check-Up to define the framework of Health and Energy.

The energy imbalance and stress are the main cause of premature aging of cells and tissues. Each person will be informed on the rules of life to live better and longer and recovering the functionality of the body. The final recommendations will allow the patient to benefit from the treatments at home and develop a healthy lifestyle until the next visit to Cristal Optus.

Biophysical medicine uses oscillations (waves) that carry information. Using such information carriers, it is possible to find the causes of disorders and illnesses. Each substance has its own individual atomic structure and thus a characteristic wave pattern. Just 100 years ago Max Planck and Albert Einstein, pioneers of modern physics, stated: “Everything oscillates”.Cristal Optus Marbella

Today we know and use many types of oscillations. They come as sounds, colors or rays, and they are used as carriers of information and energy. Radio, TV, radar, electromagnetic field and modern communication technology like cell phones, would not be possible without the use of specific oscillation patterns.

The orthodox (allopathic) medicine and alternative medicine also use oscillations for diagnosis and therapy. The Magnet-Resonance-Therapy (MRT) and Photon-Emission-Therapy (PET), Bio-resonance Frequency Therapies, all use different frequencies in different applications and have already proven their effectiveness in controlled environments.

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