December 11, 2017

De Place Is The Place, in Marbella

Annette Lundgren launched her new project De Place in Le Village, Marbella this week.

Da Place020

Situated in the old Tribeca nightclub, this New York Loft style club will be open from 5pm each evening.

For those of you that know the old Tribeca, I for one, certainly had some late ones in there with a case of Heineken and dubious Eastern Block company will remember it’s lovely open plan loft feel with huge air conditioning pipes running across the ceiling.

Well thankfully Annette, ex wife of Dolf “a better director than he was actor”Lundgren, has changed little to loose this NY feel, and if anything it feels lighter and airier. Mind you I was there at 6 pm and not my usual 6am..

Clearly a great spot to shlurp a quick Martini or G&T before you go off to dinner, maybe to the excellent Smallworld Cafe a few doors away.

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