March 24, 2018
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December News From The Town Hall of Marbella

December News From The Town Hall of Marbella

December News From The Town Hall of Marbella


December News From The Town Hall of Marbella

The Town Council begins renovation of the town’s informative and advertising
billboards in order to provide a more ordered and modern image of the town.

The Town Council of Marbella has begun the renovation of all the town’s informative
billboards, whose image will be standardised to signpost, also in English, the town’s
main facilities, public and emergency services, as well as golf courses, industrial
estates and urbanizations. The novelty will be inclusion of hotels, as usually happens
in the most touristic towns.
This Friday, the Mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, presented the new informative
and also advertising billboards that will be distributed throughout the town and which
will serve to provide a more ordered and modern image for the town.
The mayor, accompanied by the Councillor for Public Thoroughfares, José Eduardo
Díaz, reiterated that the Town Council had needed to take back the previous
concession and begin a new tender procedure to adjudicate the service to a new
The job of the new franchisee will not only be to renovate the billboards and make
them more modern and larger for better visualization, but also to remove those that
have proliferated beyond pertinent legislation.
The billboards are being installed at entrances to the town and at the town’s important
crossroads to signpost principal municipal facilities, public and emergency services,
as well as hotels, golf courses, industrial estates and urbanizations.

The Arco de Marbella (Marbella Arch) building work begins

Building work now begins to renovate the Marbella Arch after the rockfalls that took
place for the first time in October of 2013 and which required the implementation of a
protective net in February. A definitive solution is now being undertaken and the
building work will last one and a half months.
The first rockfalls from the arch took place on 2nd of October of 2013, and once again
on 6th of February of 2014. Consequently, the Town Council commissioned a study
to arrive at a diagnosis and establish the most viable solution.
The possibility then arose of dismantling the arch, as was done in San Pedro
Alcántara, or renovating it. The first measure was to implement some protective nets,
which were installed at the end of February of this year.
In July, the Councillor for Public Works reported that the decision had been taken to
stabilize the arch, as a “short term solution”, fixing its skeleton and also the plates that
cover it, work that is beginning now.

Andalucía Ports reject change to the Sheik’s project at Bajadilla Port but Sheik Al-Thani
denies it

The changes proposed by the franchisee for the extension project at La Bajadilla Port
cannot be assumed by the Administration. That is the response that the Public Ports
Agency of Andalucia (APPA) has given to the request made by the company Naas
Marbella to change the original project with which the franchise was obtained.
In a recent meeting held with the franchisee’s senior management, the agency that
forms part of the Junta’s Ministry for Development specifically informed them that
the extension to the number of car parking spaces was not viable, as it involved a
substantial modification of the project and would require town planning changes.
The original project included just 200 parking places, an amount that the franchisee
considers to be insufficient bearing in mind the business prospects and expected
visitor influx for when the new facilities are fully operational. The inability on the
part of the administration to assume this change represents a serious setback for the
project, as the franchisee had relied on the possibility of extending the car parking
spaces, a substantial aspect vis-à-vis the commercial exploitation of the facilities,
upon which the financial viability of the project depends.
The Junta is now waiting for the franchisee to submit the construction project in order
to give the go-ahead to commencement of the work. In the meantime, Sheik Al-Thani
maintains that he has no differences with the Junta de Andalucía, facing up to news of
the rejection by the Public Ports Agency of Andalucía (APPA) of the proposal to
build 5.000 car parking spaces, to state publicly that there are no differences between
his group and the Andalucian government.
The owner of Naas Marbella, the franchisee company for La Bajadilla port, made
these statements after it was made known that the principal element of the proposed
changes to the expansion project – the construction of 5.000 parking places within the
grounds – had not been authorised by the Junta de Andalucía. Expansion of the space
for parking vehicles is key to ensuring the commercial viability of the project, but the
statement made by Al-Thani rules out abandoning the project.
On the contrary, the company is preparing a new modification proposal to create more
parking spaces, without aspiring to the number that the Junta is unable to assume.

The mayor confirms that the regatta ‘Puerto Banus Solidarity Challenge 2015-2018’ “will
reinforce the Marbella brand”

The mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, confirmed today that the classic boat race ‘Puerto Banus
Solidarity Challenge 2015-2018’ will “reinforce the Marbella brand for next year”.
Muñoz explained during the presentation of the event that the tournament will extend
through to 2018 and it brings together a sense of solidarity, tourism, culture and sport
as part of an exclusive competition for which Puerto Banus will be “the sole setting”.
“Marbella is an excellent town for nautical sports where internationally renowned
marinas such as Puerto Banus, together with the climate, provide organisers with a
high degree of certainty when putting together any competition”, she emphasized.
Likewise, she added “the spirit of solidarity has always characterised Marbella and its
residents” and she thanked the organisers “for their commitment to the town in
holding this prestigious competition here, which will bring together for the first time
in Spain four very prestigious boats”.
Organisation of the tournament, which is scheduled to be held in mind-2015, is being
handled by the company Estrella del Viento Eventos Náuticos, which simultaneously
has the support of the most important charitable foundations of Spain as well as
diverse business and cultural institutions of Andalucia such as CIT Marbella or the
Confederation of Businessmen and women.

The Town Council continues with its commitment to sustainability with the installation of 1.250 ecological containers around the municipality.

The municipal Councillor for Cleaning Services, Eloy Ortega, today explained that
the Town Council “as part of its commitment to sustainability and respect for the
environment” is installing ecological containers throughout the town.
Specifically, from the year 2011 and with the provisions of 2015, the town will have a
total of 1.250 containers of up to 1.100 litres capacity and another 1.800 bins of 120
litres, which are 100% ‘green made’, in other words, the material used in their
manufacture is of vegetable origin (sugar cane).
To this effect, the councillor indicated that “for each container we reduce greenhouse
gases by some 85%, a reduction equivalent to a vehicle circulating at 90
kilometres/hour for one hour”.
In addition, the councillor stated that since 2008 and with the 2015 provisions, 2.150
surface containers have been acquired, of which 1.250 have been ecological since
their incorporation three years ago.
“Our intention is to remain committed to sustainable development in future activities
carried out by the Department for Cleaning Services, as we have been doing to-date”,
underlined Ortega, who ended by adding that the citizens awareness campaign “This
is how it’s done’ continues, the slogan for which is also found on these ecological
containers to explain the timetable for when waste may be deposited together with the
correct application of same.

The Town Council recognises the career of Manolo Santana dedicating a kilometre
marker to him on the Seafront Promenade

This Friday, Marbella paid an emotional tribute to Manolo Santana, who now has his
own kilometric marker on the seafront promenade. The former tennis player was most
charming during the event and joked “when I need to meet up with my friends I can
tell them to meet me at my kilometre.” Santana thanked the town for this gesture and
recognition, and added “I carry the name of Marbella with me with pride wherever I
go “.
Manolo Santana is one of the best Spanish athletes in history, who shone at tennis at a
time when this sport was barely practiced in Spain, and he managed to reach the very
After a career dotted with triumphs at the most important tournaments, the winner of
two Roland Garros, one Wimbledon and one US Open, he arrived in Marbella in 1983
to take charge of the Puente Romano Tennis Club and, as the Mayor Angeles Muñoz
said during the event recognising this great tennis player “although you came for just
a year, you fell in love with Marbella.”
Santana wanted to say thank you for the fact that “year after year that I spend in
Marbella I receive lovely surprises from a town I love so much, and which I fell in
love with the first time I came here “. The great former tennis player added “I carry
the name of Marbella with me with pride wherever I go “.
The man who was one of the best tennis players in the world and a true pioneer of this
sport in Spain thanked everyone for this kilometric marker, with his name on
kilometre seven, right in front of the Hotel Puente Romano, “an incredible reminder
for the multitude of people who come here”.

The Marbella Art Fair is born as a must-see event at international level.

From 30th of July to 3rd of August of 2015, the Adolfo Suarez Conference Hall will
host the Marbella Art Fair, presented in Madrid as a must-see event within the
international calendar. Close to 50 prestigious galleries from around the world will be
taking part in this gathering promoted by the Argentinian entrepreneur Alejandro
Zaia, who will be the event’s director.
As explained during the presentation, which was attended by the Councillor for
Culture, Carmen Díaz, this will be the largest contemporary art event in Southern
Europe that will turn Marbella into “a must-see date” as a meeting point for creation
and art collecting.
“Marbella will become the new world capital of art”, she didn’t hesitate to affirm,
with an exhibition that will bring together close to 50 prestigious international
It will also include specific sections, developed by independent curators, approached
as space for research and for an in-depth look at selected artists and with specific
projects, commissioned from invited artists.

The Christmas programme is presented.

The Programme for Christmas and The Three Kings ranging from 27th of November
to 5th of January, is a program that has been designed to reach every corner of our
town and is packed full of cultural, artistic, sporting and recreational events, to ensure
that everyone but particularly the little ones, can enjoy these wonderful festivities in
which the magic of Christmas shines through each and every part of the Programme
of Events.
The Christmas events kick off on Thursday 27th of November with the inauguration
of the Municipal Nativity Scenes and Father Christmas Houses, to then follow on
with turning on the Christmas lights in both San Pedro Alcántara as well as Marbella.
Both inauguration events will be accompanied by the Christmas show “The Golden
Angels”. Within this section of inaugurations, it is worth also noting the inauguration
of the Christmas lights in District 3 from 19:30h, as well as the inauguration of the
Nativity Scene created by the “Mª Rosa Davigne” Nativity Association at Plaza de la
Iglesia de la Encarnación at 20:00h.
For their part, the little ones will be able to enjoy this Christmas with over 70
activities full of magic and excitement and distributed throughout the entire
municipality, such as for example:
-27 Children’s Parties
-Christmas screenings will show 8 films in 13 sessions (Frozen, The Smurfs II,
Planes, etc.)
-Ten Marionette Theatres
-9 Storytellers
-10 Christmas Processions and Pastoral Processions.
In addition, all boys and girls will be able to participate in the Christmas postcards
competition and children’s Christmas lights, visit Father Christmas up to 24th of
December and subsequently the Royal Postman at his houses in Alameda and Plaza
de la Iglesia in San Pedro Alcántara, and of course in the traditional Three Kings
Parade that will include a number of surprises.
On the other hand, all those who wish to do so can participate this Christmas in the 10
sporting activities scheduled and distributed throughout the diverse Districts, and of
note are:
-VII Turkey Race on 21st of December with departure and finishing line at Avda.
Ramón y Cajal
– The kilo solidarity race at 19:00h with departure and finishing line at Boulevard de
San Pedro Alcántara on 28th of December.
-III Paddel Tournament “The smile of a child” at the Royal Paddel Club of Nueva
Andalucía on 5th of December.
– Orientation Race XIII School Sports Games 2014/15, 10th and 11th of December
(students from different schools gather at the Encarnacion Church Square to run
through the streets, resolving trials and tests).
– Christmas exhibition of rhythmic gymnastics and martial arts at the Elena Benitex
sports stadium on 13th of December…… and many other sports activities that will
bring vitality to the programme of events.
Another noteworthy feature is the fact that our grown-ups are a fundamental pillar of
the Programmes and Activities in our town. Proof of this are the more than 10 events
we can find distributed throughout the entire municipality this Christmas:
– Christmas Petanque Tournament at the Eric Plan de Elviria Park (Las Chapas).
Saturday 29th of November.
-Exhibition of the respective Christmas Nativities and Teas at the Active Participation
Centre for the Elderly at Plaza de toros, Las Chapas, Nueva Andalucía, San Pedro
Alcántara 1 and 2, Encarna Cantero and Miraflores.
– Billiards Championship at the Encarna Cantero Active Participation Centre for the
Elderly. Wednesday 10th of December.
– Christmas Procession by the Plaza de Toros Active Participation Centre for the
Elderly around the neighbourhood of La Patera and the Bullring. Monday, 22nd of
– Parade of New Year’s Eve Costumes at the Encarna Cantero Active Participation
Centre for the Elderly. Sunday 28th of December… and many other events aimed at
ensuring fun and entertainment for the grown-ups this Christmas.
In relation to Christmas Competitions, we have 10 Christmas competitions around
diverse themes everyone’s participation in which will make this Christmas even more
-Children’s Christmas Cards Competition and Children’s Christmas Lights (prizegiving
on Wednesday, 10th of December).
-Window Displays Competition in San Pedro Alcántara on 5th of December.
-Christmas photography and Greetings competition, from 29th of November to 6th of
-Photographic gymkhana around the streets of the old quarter on Saturday 13th of
-Prize-giving for Window Displays Competition organised by AVV Calvario-Huerta
-Christmas sweets competition at the Miraflores and Encarna Cantero Active
Participation Centre for the Elderly.
-Christmas Carols competition in San Pedro Alcántara on Thursday 18th of
-Christmas confectionery competition at the Active Participation Centre for the
Elderly in Nueva Andalucia.
-Two categories of Christmas Nativity competition: individual and group.
All this, complementing the many activities more such as: Celebration of
International Disability Day with Aspandem at the San Pedro Alcántara Church
Square (3Dec.), Concerts by the Municipal Music Band, Inauguration of the
Boulevard or the spectacular ice skating rink. All this makes up a Christmas and
Three Kings programme of activities to ensure we will all enjoy an unforgettable

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