Eva Longoria Parties Hard in Marbella

Eva Longoria, here in Marbella to promote her Walk-a- Thon and Global Gift Gala has been to every nightclub I can think of, yet strangely didn’t turn up to join in on her 9km charity walk.

Arriving outside Smallworld Cafe yesterday morning (8:30 to be exact) I was greeted by several hundred eager charity walkers  hoping to catch a glimpse of the A List Hollywood star and maybe share a few strides with her along the (alleged) 9km route.

Sadly they were to be disappointed as the star of Desperate Housewives hadn’t left Nikki Beach till 2.30 that morning and was no doubt snoozing away in her luxury suite at the Melia Don Pepe as the rest of her team strolled out into the 35 degree heat.

However good news for the lads… Sylvie van der Vaart, wife of Tottenham Hotspurs Rafael van der Vaart did indeed turn up on time looking more gorgeous than eva…I mean ever…

Joined by our very own tourism Minister, Jose Luis Hernandez and Mayoress Marie Angeles Muñoz, the tiny Dutch girl cut the tape and off they went, followed by an enthusiastic and most charitable crowd.

Now I love charity events and I am actively involved in quite a few and would love to know why you wouldn’t turn up at your own money raising bash, especially when you are using your famous name to promote the event.

But all was not lost as Eva did finally show at 12:30 to give out the prizes for some of the walkers and then pose for the cameras with some of Marbella’s less fortunate and all was well again.

I have met Eva on quite a few occasions and, indeed she really is a lovely person so maybe I shouldn’t be so harsh, but still she really should have joined in the walk.

Next stop that evening was the superb Suite del Mar for dinner whilst perusing the wonderful jewelery of Neuhaus, then on to Aqwa Mist for more food and fun, and not content to stop there, onto Olivia Valeres too… my what energy this girl has, well in the night time anyway.

Tonight sees the Global Gift Gala dinner at the Melia Don Pepe which I’m sure will be a huge success and hopefully a mountain of cash raised for Eva’s great causes.


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