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June 20, 2018
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Exclusive Interview With Tej Kohli For Marbella Plus TV

Tej Kohli, Marbella

Exclusive Interview With Tej Kohli For Marbella Plus TV

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Tej Kohli is a visionary technology entrepreneur, fintech specialist, global businessman and an ardent philanthropist who has recently added a magnificent Marbella villa to this property portfolio.

Tej Kohli operates on a global stage as do the businesses he invests in. His investments are made primarily in the technology, IT, payments, data analytics, e-commerce, alternative energy and medical innovations sectors; the sectors in which Mr Kohli built his wealth and business empire.
Mr Kohli is believes in today’s exponential technologies that have the potential to become a remarkable disruptor – very few powerful technological advances have come out of major institutions – they almost always start with one person having a visionary idea. He also believes that emerging markets hold the key to a vast wealth of talent and innovation.TK - Picture no 6-1 copy
His strong work ethics and philosophy stems from the inspiration he got from his father, a respected Indian economist and journalist. Mr Kohli’s father was a man who encouraged his son to grasp every opportunity with both hands and to follow his ambitions wherever they took him in the world.
Tej Kohli graduated from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur where he studied electrical engineering. He then worked for a small Delhi company making tachometers – it was there that he realised that advances in processes could revolutionise a business. From there he went onto develop e-commerce platforms, combining his passion for technology with a natural acumen for business. This led him to build a global business empire investing in technology-focused companies. Today he has offices in Abu Dhabi, Buenos Aires, Delhi, Miami, San Jose and Vancouver with his global headquarters in London, strategically situated to straddle the time zones of East and West.

He is married to Wendy with whom he has two children. Family is also very important to Mr Kohli – without a loving family, you have no one to share your success and future aspirations with.TK - Picture - JG no 3 copy
In 2002, Wendy and Tej Kohli founded the Tej Kohli Foundation to share their success with those who are less fortunate. The Tej Kohli Foundation is focused on making donations which have a measurable and sustainable impact mainly in India, Costa Rica and other developing countries.
Founded entirely by Mr Kohli for many years, the Tej Kohli Foundation has been committed to providing free cornea transplants to millions of people suffering from corneal blindness. The availability of corneas is the primary restriction on the number of transplants the Foundation can donate. The Foundation has teamed up with leading authorities in this field and together they are dedicated to furthering the development of artificial cornea. Their shared vision is to make affordable artificial corneas available to everyone and ultimately eradicate corneal blindness in the world.


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