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April 25, 2018
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From Marbella to Infiniti

Infiniti FX50S

From Marbella to Infiniti

What do I look for in a car? Well, before I tell you that I will tell you a little bit about myself and if you can relate to that you will have the same opinion about the new Infiniti FX50S as I have.

Infiniti Malaga18 copy

First of all I love class but I need it to be low profile.

Second, I live in a glamourous town but I keep horses and work in the countryside.

Third, I do a lot of miles and many times I need to get to places fast… so I have the need, the need for speed!

And… I relish silence and comfort.

The new Infiniti FX50S embody all of those things, there isn’t much more I can say about it apart from that it is an amazing car that works both as a city get around, long haul motorway speed machine and horsey country luxury ride. It’s silent, (you can hear yourself think), extremely luxury and amazingly comfortable to drive. Compared to other 4×4 on the market the Infiniti feels smaller and is easier to park in normal parking spots. I tested it on the motorway a very windy day and even at a speed of 180km/h (not that I did that speed of course) there is no rolling feeling at all, unlike the Porsche Panamera that I tested the day before, which was like being in a boat on a high sea and that is not even a car with a high wheel base, so maybe now you get why I am raving about this Japanese wonder. Also interior wise, the Infiniti makes sense with all the buttons in the panels. You understand where the buttons are and how to use them, it’s not like getting into the cockpit of a jumbo jet like many of the new luxury rides. And if you ever have been in a real racing car or super luxury car like a Rolls Royce, you understand that if the maker knows cars, he also know the real people that will use them and it’s not the people that want to show off with a fancy design and lots of buttons, it’s the people that like to drive, and when you drive, you drive… You don’t play with the buttons! Infiniti knows that.Infiniti FX50S

The FX50S that I tested has a 5 litre V8, 390 horse power engine with  an electronically controlled 7-speed automatic,  Adaptive Shift Control (ASC) although you could put it into a  manual shift mode with flappy paddles that offers sequentially selectable manual gearshifts and Downshift Rev Matching (DRM).. Woohoo! A horsey car turn racer! Being Swedish, safety always comes first and the Infiniti fulfill more than the normal demands, even from a Swedish person. It is basically filled with airbags and about 4 different safety brake systems. I am not going to go into any more about the technical data as that is very easy to find through your dealer but I simply wanted to point out that this is a safe but fun car to drive.

Where to find your own Infiniti? The Infiniti dealership in this part of Spain, you will find on the Camino San Rafael in Malaga. Contact for a testdrive!

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