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May 24, 2018
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Gibraltar World Music Festival 2016

Gibraltar World Music Festival 2016

Gibraltar World Music Festival 2016: OBRIGADO!

Gibraltar World Music Festival 2016
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Gibraltar Productions is pleased to announce that this year’s edition of the Gibraltar World Music Festival will celebrate cultures of Lusophone (Portuguese speaking countries) with music, workshops and a street party. The actual edition will be called ‘Obrigado!’

This year’s World Music programme is delivered to the population of Gibraltar under the patronage of the Chief Minister. GWMF is proud and grateful to announce that this year’s Festival will be sponsored by the Government of Gibraltar, the Parasol Foundation, Kusuma Trust, JYSKE Bank, SG Hambros Bank (Gibraltar) Limited, Hyperion, Deloitte, Cuca Beer, Hassans, Gibtelecom, Margaux Philantrhopy, EMID Gibraltar, Camara Municipal de Lisboa, Arquivo Municipal de Lisboa and Sunborn Gibraltar Hotel.
GWMF 2016 will have also Spotify as a ‘streaming partner’ giving to the audience a new way to enjoy and live this unique musical experience. Thanks to GWMF’s partnership, Spotify users can browse all their playlists and also have the option to Follow Gibraltar World Music Festival profile (
The artistic program will include exceptional musicians from Portugal, Brazil and Cape Verde are making their way to Gibraltar, to perform for their first time at St Michael’s Cave on the 23rd of June:Gibraltar World Music Festival 2016
Carmen Souza: After the goodbye of the biggest Cape Verdean singer, Cesária Évora, Carmen Souza was named as one of the new generation singers to continue the successful path of the Cape Verdean music. Theo Pas’cal, her producer and mentor and one of the best bass players in Portugal, discovered her talent and introduced Carmen to Jazz and other contemporary sounds that markedly influenced her musical development.
Marcio Faraco: Brazilian music can be made anywhere in the world, and no one is better proof of this than musician and composer, Márcio Faraco. His melodies glide from samba to bossa nova, studded with inflections of jazz. Through his intimate words and rare poetic melancholy, Faraco has carved out a distinguished place for himself in the music world. Entirely lacking in cliché or affectation, his personal brand of Brazilian music is at once delicate and simple, primordial and refined, elegant and meticulous.
Carminho: Carmo Rebelo de Andrade was born and raised in the midst of Fado. This is why Fado is as natural to her as breathing. She began to sing in public when she was twelve. Then she started to sing regularly in Taverna do Embuçado, in Alfama, Lisbon. The year of 2013 was the year of her consecration, confirmed by the astonishing performances in Brazil, Spain, Belgium, UK, France…
Tickets will be available at 92 Irish Town at £30 (General Public) and £25 (Senior Citizens and Students). Tickets prices will be inclusive of Shuttle Service to the Cave. The pick up will start at 19.00 from Coach Park.
Come to my home / Come to my school
One of the aims of the Festival has always been to create a platform of involvement for the young generations. This year Gibraltar Productions has prepared an extensive program of activities for the students with the special support of Kusuma Trust: ‘Come to my home / Come to my school’. This is a scientific, cultural and artistic event initiated by Driss Alaoui Mdaghri, former minister and a very active figure in Moroccan civil society. The project will mix arts, cultures and nationalities. It is based on the principles of freedom, collaborative creativity, mixing and creative dialogue of cultures, the cardinal values of the World Cultures Foundation.
The goal of this educational program is to create a cultural activity that benefits the students in Gibraltar, cultivate a love of reading and art, music and poetry and represent a valuable contribution to cultural animation of Gibraltar. Artists from Morocco, Senegal, France, Italy, USA, Spain, China, Japan, Mali, Burkina Fasso, India, Australia, Iran, Turkey, Estonia and Canada will participate in this activity organized in conjunction with the Department of Education and sponsored by Kusuma Trust.
GWMF AmbassadorsGibraltar World Music Festival 2016
Gibraltar Productions is looking for senior volunteers to be part of GWMF 2016 production Team. Our ‘Senior Team’ upon successful applications will be part of following activities: Hospitality Management, VIP Coordination and Care and Front House and Backstage Management.
Successful applicants will be an important part of the production team and will have access to all events of the Festival. They will also get a chance to meet all musicians attending the festival.
Interested parties please call and/or write to 20068899 & in order to arrange interviews.
Last but not least Gibraltar Productions is planning more events related to the Festival such as exhibitions, conferences, film projections and street parties during next few months. Watch the space for updates.
For additional information, visit Gibraltar World Music Festival social media.

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