March 23, 2018
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Harriet Nilsson Exhibition at Kasser Rassu Art Gallery in Marbella

Harriet Nilsson AKA White Feather, Pure Energy Healer, Photographer and Interior Designer, this month, is exhibiting her new Art collection at the world famous Kasser Rassu Art Gallery in Marbella.

Harriet Nilsson Exhibition at Kasser Rassu Art Gallery in Marbella
Harriet Nilsson Exhibition at Kasser Rassu Art Gallery in Marbella

It would appear that Harriet has spent many a weekend picking up from the beach, all of the shiniest, whitest and most uniform pebbles and then applying them in geometric patterns to large canvases with photographs and symbolic images.

Here is what Harriet has to say about her work:

My artistic path has taken leap steps in different stages of my life. As a photographer many years ago I developed skills and trained my eye for the complete picture that later also served me well as an interior decorator.

My favourite time was always the developing process, with the music blasting in the dark room while I was rocking the liquids so the photographs could emerge like magic in front of my eyes. This process always gave me a feeling of surreal creation.

It’s the same soothing motion the sea gives me when I walk the beaches.

The energy from the never-ending motion of the sea is captured in the pebble stones and you feel this healing energy like a calming and peaceful source.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, my intention is always to capture beauty as I see it and my message in each piece is exactly that, whether it is beauty of strength or individuality.

The integration of the two art forms is a new path that I feel very strongly is marking my integrity; they are all part of me.

I make my pieces with the intention not only to bring beauty into your home but also to bring that healing energy into your life.

Each piece also comes with a poem.

The exhibition will run for the whole month of February and anyone wishing to see Harriet’s work should call Shahed on 650463447

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