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June 20, 2018
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Hollywood Actor and Artist Jordi Molla Talks to Sofie Gates

Hollywood actor, Jordi Molla, Marbella
Jordi Molla in Marbella

  Hollywood Actor and Artist Jordi Molla Talks to Sofie Gates.

  jordi molla, marbella

Jordi Molla is a Spanish actor, artist, drummer, singer, writer and director that you probably would know from the movies Blow, Elisabeth; The Golden Age, Colombiana, Bad boys, Knight & Day and many more… He regularly plays a dark character in the Hollywood movies but in real life he is quite the opposite he assures, although it’s for me to find out.

— When I was a kid I was very shy, I am still, so I always tried to create some fictional character to play, like police man or cowboy. It was my way to shine. I could express myself better like that.

He exclaims.

—It wasn’t Jordi talking. It was Tarzan! I was talking through another side of myself.

Jordi explains. And continues by saying that he likes to live in another dimension and that he has a need to create in different kinds of ways to let all that is inside out. It’s his way of keeping from going do deep into that sensitivity that shines through when you meet him.

— I started painting 17 years ago when I was shooting a movie in Paris. I had a lot of free days and I was afraid I would get depressed since I didn’t know anyone there and I was spending a lot of time in my hotel room. So I decided to buy some paint to keep myself company. That’s how it all started. I also ended up writing a book when I was there!

For many people the sheer thought of just shooting a movie is exhausting but Jordi tells me that he has to create, it’s a compulsion.

— Many people are happy to meet up with friends or go for lunch or dinner but a day without creating for me, is a sad day. I need that moment for myself. I am at peace when I create.

I asked him if he cares about the impression that his art makes on the people that see it.

— Of course I care. Most of the things I do, I think about who’s going to watch them. I don’t think it’s good to just think about you, you, you, although many people say that my art is very dark but I always say: “I trust more somebody who paints something dark, than someone who paints a perfect sunset”.

The discussion goes on about how difficult it is to recreate nature with a picture. Jordi thinks that perhaps with the movies it’s a little bit easier as it is a moving picture and I ask about his path to Hollywood and his background.

— My father used to sell onions, potatoes and garlic so it was a very simple family. There was not an artist in ten generations but still they called our family “The artists” because they had a sense of being artistic in a life way. My grandmother used to faint on purpose if something wasn’t interesting to her. She started hyperventilating and would fall to the ground and everybody would come up to her and give her all the attention and then she was fine.

Johnny continued to ask what came first, the acting or his artistic work as a painter. The acting came first, Jordi answered.Hollywood actor Jordi Molla in Marbella

— I love the word “act”. Act is taking action of something. When you extrapolate the word, everything is acting. Lifting the glass up and drinking is acting. Acting is the first thing.
— For me the path to Hollywood has been a long journey. I started like everyone else by being an extra in movies and getting as many lines as possible until I got my break.

When asked if he ever plays any good people in his movies he replies yes of course, but not yet in Hollywood. And to be honest Jordi plays an excellent bad boy but not because he is himself. He explains that many comedians can be really bad people but come across as the opposite in their movies. He also says that in America there are not many Latin actors that play good people. Antonio Banderas being an exception to the rule and to be honest when you look at Jordi Mollas’ dark appearance with two seductive piercing blue eyes, the immediate thought that comes to your mind is not: Scout leader, bird watcher, nursery teacher…

I ask him where those blue eyes come from and he replies:
— From my grand father, also mum, but it’s not the colour. They are made of pain and suffering, there is nothing else. The colour is one thing but the eyes are the window of the soul.

Jordi Molla, bad boy? Definitely not.
Jordi Molla, good boy? Definitely maybe…
Jori Molla, artist? Definitely.





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