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May 24, 2018
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iFilmmaker Film Festival Marbella, The Winners

iFilmmaker Film Festival Marbella
iFilmmaker Film Festival Marbella

iFilmmaker Film Festival Marbella, the Winners

iFilmmaker Film Festival Marbella

The room was filled with filmmakers who came from 75 countries among whom were the academic Goya Andrés Pajares, the creators of the production of Ridley Scott (Alien) and Michael Fassbender (Inglorious Basterds), Jesus Lloveras with 16 nominations for the Goya awards and entities such as the Russian Ambassador, Mayor of Marbella, Councillor of Culture …

The big winners of the night were two films of great contrast, “Battalion” with a budget of 10 million euros and produced by Sony and Columbia Third Degree, an independent film made without aids, with a very tight budget that rose to the audience to applaud its creator and main actor Jesús Lloveras. In the short film section the undisputed winners were “The Trench” Javier Llamazares and “Zero” by David Victori. In the photo festival chairman Gary Anthony Stennette and winners Jesus Lloveras and Javier Llamazares.iFilmmaker Film Festival Marbella

A UK Filmmaker Tara Groves also shined bright at the Awards jetting back having scooped an award for ‘Best Horror/Suspense Feature film for ‘The Profesional’
Taras Groves Writer/Director of this Independent Feature Film from West London said “The fact that our zero budget feature “The Profesional” (misspelled on purpose) was able to win Best Horror/Suspense Feature Film was just the perfect ending to an amazing week. “
The creators of this festival MakingNoizeFilms (Mari Cielo Pajares and Gary Stennette) and distributors of the films (Golden Mile Productions), are the first to be surprised because ‘ Nobody expected such a fantastic reception by the industry internationally, as  iFilmmaker promote festival that was born with strength and we will see future editions’ says ‘Mari Pajares.
Golden Mile Productions based in London & Marbella with affiliations in the US said ‘We are very proud to have partnered with Mari & Gari on such a talent filled festival and we endeavor to grow these talented filmmakers & work to obtain distribution for them. We were amazed at the strength of content in the festivals first year and now will go from strength to strength exposing more talented filmmakers from around the World! We aim to create a mini Hollywood in Marbella & this beautiful location which had great feedback from filmmakers, makes it the perfect place for film festivals and also for filming in the area!

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