December 11, 2017

Jordi Molla, Artistic Vandal in Marbella

Jordi Molla brings his new collection of Art to Marbella.

Jordi Molla in Marbella001

“Classic Pop” the aptly named new exhibition by Jordi Molla has opened in Volubilis, Marbella.

I say “Artistic Vandal ” in the nicest possible way, as, to me that would be the best way to describe what Jordi has become to produce these interesting and quite hang-able works of art.Jordi Molla in Marbella004

Taking  “Classic” old oil paintings that once would of hung in Victorian mental institutions and the offices of shady lawyers, Jordi has breathed new life and “Pop” into what surely should have been destined for the car boot market, by applying marker pen, collage, runny paint, some humour and in the case of the bullfighting triptych some political satire.

Jordi Molla is indeed a talented man, if he’s not acting he’s writing, if he’s not engaged in these he’s painting or reading, sleep I believe can’t be one of Jordi’s pastimes, there just isn’t enough time in the day.

Click the link for Marbella Plus Interview Jordi Molla in Kasser Rassu :

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