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June 20, 2018
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Kasser Rassu Celebrates 6 Years of Art In Marbella

Kasser Rassu Celebrates 6 Years of Art In Marbella

Kasser Rassu 6th Anniversary, marbella

Yes indeed, it’s been 6 whole years since Kasser Rassu Art Gallery burst on to the Marbella Art scene.

Now it hasn’t all been visually pleasant, as readers of this site will know, but on the whole there has been some excellent work on show at Marbella’s most famous gallery.

From Hollywood bad boy Jordi Molla, poster girl Nina Nolte, African Queen Alexandra Spyratos to most recently, the excellent Katrina Rupit. Also along the way over the last 6 years we witnessed a rack of fashion shows and a veritable dazzle of jewellery exhibitions.

To celebrate this mos auspicious of occasions, the cake cutting talents of Oti G Diaz-Ambrona, Directora Departamento de Extranjeros Ayuntamiento de Marbella(foreigners dept) as special guest on the night, infact, dear Oti had to hack her way through no les than 6 cakes.

Now to the art, which wasn’t really my cup of tea, but then what is?

Paula Menchen, the much better half of Justin, Marbella Mac Solutions, exhibited her “Creative Colour” show, which was very well recieved by the 100 or so avid Marbella art fans.

Abstract artist Paula, although hailing from Essex, spent her formative years in LA, where she gained BFA in Fine Arts, Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design, LA.

What we will see in the next 6 years, who knows, but for sure Kasser Rassu is definatley the place to go if you are feeling arty farty.



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