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May 21, 2018
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Kasser Rassu Marbella 7th Anniversary

Kasser Rassu 7th Anniversary

Kasser Rassu Marbella 7th Anniversary

Kasser Rassu Marbella

Kasser Rassu Marbella 7th Anniversary, yes ,its been 7 years of the Good, The Bad, and the Downright Awful at Marbella’s favorite Art Space, Kasser Rassu.


Readers of theis blog, online mag, whatever you wish to call it, will know I suffer from a nervous twitch every time the lovely Shahed from KR drops me an invite to her latest exhibition, and may I add, I haven’t missed a single one and all have been a delight to attend, not just for the “art”, because on occasion the “art” is missing, even though there are some coloured monstrocities adorning the walls, no, but a delight to mingle with Marbella’s finest schmoosers, glass of wine in hand and ready for their photo op, and if I’m lucky, which I am more often than not, some truly great work of art, to admire, covet, and on occasion buy.Kasser Rassu 7th Anniversary

This weeks Anniversary, thankfully was adorned with works from two excellent artists, one a Photographer, Neil Egerton and the other, Airbrush Ace, Paul Rosher.

Now these two artists are as chalk is to cheese, and apart from the fact that they are the best of pals, shouldn’t really exhibit together, so far apart are their diciplines.Kasser Rassu 7th Anniversary

Neil Egerton’s equine black and whites are simply beautiful and would look great on any wall in any house, anywhere, a far cry from Paul Rosher’s brilliantly executed airbrush work of the most popular super heroes and fantasy figures, I loved these, but on the basis my man cave has been shelved they won’t be coming to a wall near me soon.

All in all an excellent evening, and should you have time, and maybe an empty space in your man cave for Iron Man, or in need of a classic horse image then pop down to Kasser Rassu on the Golden Mile in Marbella and have a peruse.

You can also check out Paul’s work at http://www.airbrushrosh.com/

And Neil’s excellent work may be viewed at http://www.edgepolo.com




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