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June 20, 2018
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La Cabane Beach Club Marbella Celebrates 50 Years

La Cabane Beach Club, 50 Years, marbella

 La Cabane Beach Club Marbella Celebrates 50 Years

 La Cabane Beach Club Celebrates 50 Years

 Its been 50 years since the Club de Playa, La Cabane, of The Hotel Los Monteros, opened its doors for the first time, and of course in Marbella that can only mean one thing, time to party.

 The event began with cocktails and a formal ceremony at which speeches were made by the Directorate General of the hotel. Francis Guzman and Jose Luis Salas delighted everyone with their musical selections, and the chef Sebastian Rabbit, taking charge of the canapes which reflected food tastes over the last half century La Cabane Beach Club Celebrates 50 YearsThe anniversary was a packed affair and included the mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, with other members of the government team and the Director General of the hotel, Fernando Al-FARKH.  Two videos were shown to the guests so they could appreciate the evolution of this iconic beach club and its appearance and actual use.
This emblematic club was a pioneer in the Marbella when in 1965 it opened it’s doors, not only for hotel guests but to the people of Marbella and guests from far and wide. Its name comes from the decor itself simulating a tropical hut.

Due to the difficulty of foreign tourists to pronounce the letter ‘ñ’, it was decided to name it in French, hence La Cabane.

Throughout these 50 years it has undergone at least three extensions and variations to the current state, but always maintaining the original style as can be seen in the building where the restaurant La Luna resides.

At present, the beach club La Cabane is without doubt one of the most exclusive locations on the Costa del Sol. Its privileged location along the Mediterranean Sea and its panoramic views, make it the ideal place to enjoy a day of rest and relaxation. La Cabane offers all the amenities of a luxury Beach Club welcome reception, towels, fruit skewers, cold towels and excellent service from the staff. It also has a VIP area with exclusive service with bottle of champagne, fruit plate, special amenities, special letter and personalized service. The beach club and exclusive offers free parking and has a direct private access to the beach. La Cabane offers one of the most renowned and exquisite buffets of the Costa del Sol for the quality and variety of products: cold soups, seafood, salads, Iberian, paella and rice dishes, grilled meats and a selection of desserts will delight palate.La Cabane Beach Club Celebrates 50 Years

The entrance building maintains the original building 50 years ago, although at the beginning the upper decks were covered and decorated with heather. A large central swimming pool facing the beach, surrounded by sunbeds and Balinese style beds.

Many celebrities have been spotted over the years enjoying the beach club with the likes of Michael Jackson, Julio Iglesias, Hugh Laurie, Tom Jones, Barons Von Thyssen, Lola Flores, Sean Connery, Antonio Banderas, Carlos Herrera, Silvester Sallone, Jason Statham and a long list of other Marbella characters

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