January 20, 2018

La Parrilla Grill hosts a press lunch to advertise the Day of the Castilla Lamb

La Parilla Grill Marbella

La Parrilla Grill will celebrate the day of Castillian lamb next Monday 25th July from 12pm until midnight

 La Parilla Grill MarbellaKeeping up with their traditional customs at their original site location, what was the prestigious ´El Portalón´ restaurant has reinvented their menu with new flavours and prices.

Tuesday 19th July La Parilla Grill invited the marbella press pack plus a few straglers to a small tasting of their new menu. Morcilla (Black Pudding) Gambas Pil-Pil, Smoked Roasted Peppers, which by the way were divine plus Salt Cod, and an amazing selection of home grown and international cheese, which is where I broke my number one rule of never drinking in daylight, food like this deserves an equally exquisite wine, Red in my case.

Surrounded by traditional customs, the welcoming La Parrilla restaurant made the lunch as comfortable as possible whilst sampling some of the best grilled meat and fish.La Parilla Grill Marbella

During this encounter it was announced that the Day of the Castilla Lamb is to take place next Monday 25th July from 12pm until midnight. At 55 euros per person this includes, amongst other delicacies, the best baby lamb cooked over holm oak wood by the prestigious chef Marco Antonio from the Mannix Restaurant in Valladolid.




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