Local Government provides documentary evidence that the Marbella Town Council “has not altered any border with Benahavís” - Marbella News and Pictures
May 21, 2018
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Local Government provides documentary evidence that the Marbella Town Council “has not altered any border with Benahavís”

Vega Colorado, Marbella

Local Government provides documentary evidence that the Marbella Town Council “has not altered any border with Benahavís”

Marbella Town Council

Municipal spokesperson, Félix Romero, today disproved with official documents the “lies, manipulation and deceit being undertaken by opposition parties and the platform on borders between Marbella and Benahavís”.

Following a Local Government meeting, Romero exhibited documentation that shows that the current local Executive “has not altered any border with the neighbouring municipality and that the proposal for alteration comes from the competent Administration which, in this case, is the Junta de Andalucía”.
In addition, he pointed out that the dossier approved by the Junta de Andalucía and to which the Town Council meeting gave its approval “recognises a pre-existing reality dating back at least to the year 1978”.
“We are aware that the borders in relation to which the opposition and the platform are seeking to create confusion were clearly defined in the year 1978 thanks to a certificate which literally states that according to municipal records the estate called El Colorado, property of Mr Pedro Flores García, is totalled sited within the municipality of Benahavís”, he explained.
Said document, dated 11th of November of 1978, is accompanied by another land-related document, from the State’s Cartographic and Cadastral Institute, which establishes the afore-mentioned borders and also includes an allegation presented to the General Town Ordinance Plan (PGOU) of 1986 which was comprehensively considered and approved “by the PSOE mayor José Luis Rodríguez”.
“Also forming part of that Local Government team was the current person linked to Izquierda Unida, Andrés Cuevas, or Rafael García Conde, now member of the platform and who, therefore, have been aware of this issue since that time”, he noted.
“These documents show that modification of the borders is not a current issue, as the opposition or platform parties are trying to make it appear”, stated Romero, who pointed out that in 2010, following approval of the current PGOU on the part of the Junta, this same autonomous administration established the need to alter the file in which the borders appear and which do not reflect the reality”, said Romero.
The councillor indicated that the dossier from which the opposition are trying to obtain an electoral advantage “was officially lobbied by the Junta de Andalucía, and it is precisely that process that culminated in a report from the Andalusian Government which proposes the modification of municipal borders, in a document dated 23rd of July of 2014”.
The councillor reproached “the farce being whipped up by political parties who have no alternatives to propose to our citizens and who are being backed by a platform without any credibility, some of the members of which actually participated in the vote that approved the pre-existing borders”.
“The only thing that the Town Council and the Governing Team have tried to do from the very beginning is to fulfil their obligation to collaborate and to facilitate pertinent information to the only Administration legally entitled to change the borders between municipalities, in this case the Junta de Andalucía”, he concluded.

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