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May 24, 2018
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Marbella Artist Olya Sharipo’s Debut Exhibition at 5 Years Old

What a birthday, what a great start to the art year in Marbella and what a great start to a very promising career in the art world for little Olya Sharipo.

Olya Sharipo at Kasser Rassu Art Gallery, Marbella, Spain.

Celebrating her fifth birthday on the same day as her first professional exhibition is what fairy tales are made of, but here in the real world, Moscow born artist Olya Sharipo did just that at the first exhibition of the year at Kasser Rassu Gallery here in Marbella.


The first years of  Olya’s life have not been easy as at the age of three she had to twice undergo major surgery to remove a tumour  from the right side of her face, and because of this has been unable to comunicate with her fellow peers or adults.

Yet she has opened a new way of perception of the out world through her creativity. The young artist found enough courage and patience to remain strong. Every day Olya is inspired by life. Her pure bright perception of the world is reflected in her paintings. Gifted with inner freedom and love for life, Olya has demonstrated her unquestionable talent! Gentle and flexible lines in combination with elaborate choice of colors carry us away into the marvelous world of her dreams. Only a child can paint like that, a child gifted with her own vision of the world, full of understanding, love and care…

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