January 20, 2018

Marbella Feria Pretty In Pink

Marbella Feria

In a genius political move, the looney left under the leadership of Comrade Bernal have moved the Marbella Feria back to the centre of town, ensuring extra votes next time it comes to the local elections.

Marbella Feria

And that’s exactly where it belongs, amongst the voting masses, who for several years now have had to schlep out of town for their annual Fino fix.Marbella Feria

Now I have to think that if Angeles Muñoz and the boys in blue at the Partido Popular had come up with this brainwave, we may not be suffering a left wing tri party coalition, after all, most of the voting public don’t really understand politics, they just want their lives to be easy and enjoyable and not have their traditions taken from them.

And indeed what a great feria it is, with the Alameda Park festooned in pink lanterns and packed with party goers who last year quite rightly couldnt be arsed to suffer the march up to La Cañada.

And of course tourists over the last few years have had no idea there was even a party going on so well hidden it was. So lets hope that this becomes the norm for the feria, back in the bosom of  Marbella and all her thousands of visitorsMarbella Feria

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