Marbella Ladies Toff Their Hats For Ascot Ladies Day
May 21, 2018
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Marbella Ladies Toff Their Hats For Ascot Ladies Day

Ladies Day at Ascot is one thing, Marbella is another, and today, Ladies Day belonged the the Ladies at La Meridiana, and with not a whiff of horse poop, sweaty jockey shorts or bookie bull within a thousand mile area.


Esther Wishlist On Form as Usual
Esther Wishlist On Form as Usual

And all in the name of charity, the good ladies of Marbella donned their finest millinery, some borrowed, some last years, but mainly hand made or personally commissioned head gear that would make the most hardened Ascot Lady as jealous as hell.

The ladies all, and I mean all, looked fantastic, and even the token gents, how dare they even be there, looked the part in morning suits and other types of posh clothing I will never own, or at least admit to owning.

La Meridiana ha probably the finest outside garden dining area on the coast, Villa Tiberio comes close, but truly, no amount of fancy garden will make up for the worst lasagne this side of Emilia-Romagna.

In La Meridiana of course the food has always been excellent, along with the service, the venue, and their commitment to charity events, nope they ain’t my clients but hell they should be after that last bit of praise,  no seriously I never had a bad meal in La Meridiana and nor do I expect one in the future, and for sure will be back again with the Wishlist in the near future.

Alison Botha of Lydenrust Guest Farm will be very proud of the Marbella Ladies who raised so much for her dream of developing a full-blown rural farm school to help the local illiterate community – preschool children and adults.

Hats and Hearts from Marbella Ladies
Hats and Hearts from Marbella Ladies

This is how the school started, words from Alison Botha:

In October 2011, my farm foreman, fellow animal lover and friend, Mr April Magagula, was senselessly murdered. He left behind a young family of which I took on the responsibility.
These are folk with very little and need all the help they can get. I now am in the position of having a waiting list of almost 50 preschool children for 2013.

In December 2011, a number of pre-school children, including his daughter Sara, were accepted for school locally. Uniforms were purchased and the young ones were very excited for school to start in January 2012. At the very last minute the school announced that they had no teacher and therefore they could not begin their education. It was then that I decided I must try and help them myself but due to lack of time and resources, this only began in September 2012.

As per suggestion, I am compiling a WISHLIST for the farm school. A lot of the items you may have lying around the house and no longer need. We are not fussy at all! As long as it’s still workable, we’ll make it work!!!

  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Sharpeners
  • Erasers
  • Rulers
  • Glue sticks
  • Small scissors
  • A4 Paper
  • A4 Board for posters and painting
  • Wax crayons……..

And this from Debbie Topping
The money has been counted and checked several times A massive thank you first of all to Esther Wish List because without your fantastic organization this would have never happened, Estibalitz Diaz de Durana you are an Angel thank you for donating your beautiful hats and time. Geraldine Spain thank you so much for flying all the way here to be with us and do the sweep stakes with your terrible Twinny Lady M Margaret Richards. Thank you to my Anna Vaughan and Lynne Fielding-lewis for helping to sell the raffle tickets and beautiful Kerrie Daniells helping us with the raffle draw. Thank you to our heavy with child Sarah Segal for all your help today. A very heartfelt Thank you to all the ladies who attended with their stunning hat creations and making today such a success. We raised 485 euros on the Sweep Stakes, 1395 euros on the raffle and 70 euros was given to us by Nigel Goldman. I have a 1000 pound donation from a UK company too. A Massive THANK YOU and LOVE from Alison Botha and myself for making today one to remember. All the monies collected today will go to Lydenrust Farm School. Today was one to remember and I am hoping we can make this an annual event for this very Special School X
And from me

Whatever you may think of Marbella and it’s inhabitants, and don’t get me wrong, most are as handy as a chocolate teapot and as useful as teeth on a chicken, there are more than a few honest and very caring folk that have Marbella as their home and are more than happy to help those less fortunate than themselves, not a true Marbella trait I have to admit. One of those heroes is Esther Adan of Wishlist fame (an umbrella charity group) who is tireless in her work for the children’s homes on the Costa del Sol, and without her and her team, many many children would not feel the joy of Christmas, trips away from the home or just plain visits by like minded people to the the homes the are forced to live in. God Bless you Esther.

And if any of you out there wish not to be a chocolate teapot or meat eating chicken please contact me on and see how you can make a difference…It really doesn’t cost a lot to make a childs life worth living.


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