January 17, 2018

Marbella Now Programme 6

marbella now tv, johnny gates, virginia macari

Marbella Now Programme 6

Marbella Now Programme 6

On this week programme

Nicole King gets fashionable with Emma P Lopez, Francisco Acedo Torregrosa, Lauriane L’Eplattenier and Raïssa Faber.

Johnny Gates interviews Ireland’s favorite socialite, Fashion Designer and TV star Virginia Macari

Stacey Pinkerton finds out how to live past 100 with Author Dr William Cortvriendt

Roz James from Marbellaazul and Cameron Graham from Marbella Family Fun talk upcoming events

Plus events from

Luks Marbella

Francisco Do Amaral

Kempinski Hotel Bahia

Marbella Plus

Germán Miguel Borrachero

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