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April 25, 2018
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Marbella Press Smell

Gastronomic Club in Marbella
Perfume Testing at the Gastronomic Club in Marbella

Marbella Plus and Talk Radio Europe were amongst a small group of the Marbella press invited to a talk on the History of perfume at the Estudio Gastronomico in Marbella.

Perfume Testing at the Gastronomic Club in Marbella
Perfume Testing at the Gastronomic Club in Marbella

Maria Velez and Raquel Navarro took us on a trip through the ages of perfume with, I must say some nasty smellies of yesteryear and some amazing modern aromas.

It is said that perfume evokes beauty, mystery, eroticism and sensuality, … provokes us and surrounds us, caresses our skin, seduces … and talks about love, and indeed some of the perfumes we tested did just that, but some also took me back to the days of pre Old Spice and aromas that should be consigned to the history books as olfactory nightmares. Did men really wander about with huge collars, flared trousers and foul smelling lotions such as Boucheron Por Homme? if so it’s quite amazing the human race ever managed to evolve on the basis that no woman in the land could lie any where near such a pong. Sofie, my much better half almost had to leave the room when this Eau de Horror was unleashed upon the room.

Having said that I and most of my gender would be only too delighted to have the scent of Aqua di Goya, one of the more modern perfumes tested, waffted under our noses. Having trained as a wine taster I found it interesting to pick out smells like lemon merangue pie, Morrocan Souk, damp forrest, catholic church etc the same way as I would sniffting a good Burgundy.

All in all it was a fantastic and very informative evening, especially the bit where super chef Aitor Perurena  pulled some delightful nibbles from his oven and Vanina Favale poured out some of the latest red from Ronda .



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