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May 21, 2018
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Marbella Remembers Andy Anderson 1963-2014

Marbella Remembers Andy Anderson 1963-2014
Marbella Remembers Andy Anderson 1963-2014

 Marbella remembers Andy Anderson, entertainer extraordinaire, at a farewell gig in Mustang Sally’s, Puerto Banus.

Marbella Remembers Andy Anderson 1963-2014
Andy Anderson, always happy to share his piano stool.

Andy Anderson first came to Puerto Banus back in the late 80’s, his first gig was at a place called Dukes where he very quickly made a reputation for himself as a first class entertainer, he left us to spend some time in Bermuda, but when he returned the legend that was Andy Anderson began to form.

 Andy worked in many places, most notably The Red House, where he impressed the locals and tourists alike with his repertoire and his irreverent style of entertaining, moving on he became an integral part of the band The MIX, who were resident in the Navy bar in Puerto Banus, and that is where the next 20 or so years relationship with Old Joys began, (Mr Ram owned both the Navy and Old Joy’s).

Andy had a very checkered past moving from venue to venue, from the Navy, to Andy’s Bar (now Mustang Sally’s), then back to Old Joy’s, Then he went to a new bar called Marvellous, where he really became a well known figure on the music scene. Andy almost single handedly built the bar up into a roaring success, and when he left to go back once again to Old Joy’s it was never quite the same.

Marbella Remembers Andy Anderson 1963-2014
Mel Williams makes it a night to remember

People were now following Andy wherever he went and it was obvious by the size of the audiences in Old Joy’s that he really was the star attraction. It seemed that he was indestructible, every night many many shots of sambucca would be sent up by his adoring fans, and almost every night he would do or say something that he had to apologise for the next day, but that was Andy. The tourists only really saw the entertainer, the class clown who was always getting himself into trouble or saying something cheeky, (or downright rude!). But the real Andy Anderson was a man with a heart of solid gold, he would never see anybody needing anything and he was always there in a crisis.

A genuinely modest man underneath all the bravado, he took people as they came and treated everybody in the same way. He was a permanent fixture on his throne at the doorway of Shenanigans bar and eventually he became a business partner with the owner Bernard, they did a few alterations to the bar and Marvellous two was born, a great success for them both until circumstances meant the bar had to change direction and the live music had to stop, this was to be Andy’s final move, back to the place where he was best known, and, probably the place that he would have really called home, Old Joy’s.

Marbella Remembers Andy Anderson 1963-2014
The legendary Beaky who helped Andy make Marvellous so good

Andy had by this time already had a couple of medical problems, which, (as was his way), he shrugged off and did not complain about. It was at new year 2014 however that he suddenly became very ill indeed, and it was his great friend Graeme Ward who rushed him to hospital and from that moment never left his side. Graeme moved Andy into his home and nursed him back to a point where he could work again, having completely given up all alcohol and eating properly Andy was at least on the very long and rocky road to recovery.

Unfortunately the damage had already been done and although he was working, singing and entertaining right up to the end Andy lost his battle and slipped away in his sleep. Andy Anderson will always be remembered as, Cheeky, irreverent, and sometimes downright rude, but blessed with the gift of laughter, a voice which was second to none, and a talent on the piano which put him head and shoulders above the rest.

He will be missed. Andy Anderson 1963 – 2014

Words Mark Connor

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