February 20, 2018
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Marbella Town Council will complete the first 30 projects of the Neighbourhood Plan before Easter Week

Marbella, Roadworks

Marbella Town Council will complete the first 30 projects of the Neighbourhood Plan before Easter Week

 MarbellaThis year, the first phase of the Neighbourhood Plan will begin in February and will be completed before Easter Week.

The municipal governing team has divided this municipal civil works plan into two, with a global budget of three million euros, with the work to be carried out during seasons of lowest tourist influx.To this effect, the first phase will be carried out in February and March, a period during with 30 projects will be completed with a total budget of 1,3 million euros.

The first phase will consist of 30 projects amongst which are adaptation of sidewalks, improvement of accessibility, of mobility and restructuring of space, as well as recovery of urban areas.

Also included is new sanitation and improvements in public areas. All work, according to the mayor, has the common objective of improving the quality of life for residents.

None of the works projects will have a budget in excess of 60.000 euros, and will be carried out by local companies. Their execution will include the installation of 10.000 square metres of sidewalk, 1.900 metres of streetlights, ten ramp units, 203 areas of lowered sidewalks and 450 metres of railings.

The municipal governing team has reserved a further one and a half million euros for the 30 works projects scheduled for the second phase, despite the fact that prior to their start the municipal elections will take place and a new town council will need to be constituted.

This second part of the plan will be carried out from September onwards, once the peak of the high tourist season has drawn to a close. The remaining 200.000 euros will be dedicated to work in urbanizations.

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