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May 21, 2018
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Marbella Town Hall Newsletter November 2014

December News From The Town Hall of Marbella

Marbella Town Hall Newsletter November 2014


City Hall will update and improve safety on road connecting Las Chapas with La Mairena

Marbella’s Mayor, Ms Angeles Muñoz, announced today that City Hall is undertaking
work improving safety on the road which connects Las Chapas with La Mairena, an
initiative following up on “requests by residents of the area and the parents of
students attending the different schools there” and will be carried out with the
cooperation of Malaga’s Provincial Government.
Ms Muñoz, accompanied by the President of the Provincial Government Mr Elias
Bendodo, visited the roadway today and stated that the project, which has a budget of
500.000 euros, is expected to start before year’s end and take 4 months to complete.

Road upkeep for the 300 urbanizations taken over by City Hall will cost 4 million in 2015.

City Hall assumes the cost of road upkeep from next year on, in urbanizations where
till now residents had to pay for this themselves.
City Hall will assume starting January the road upkeep in urbanizations, grouped into
78 areas (with 4 urbanizations each on average), although the initiative will be carried
out in different phases spread out over 3 years. 2015 will see the transfer of public
roads, becoming responsibility of the City. The Public Works councillor overseeing
the work, Mr Javier Garcia assured that “many are the roads contained in these
designated urban areas that are in dreadful condition and where till now we’ve been
unable to act, but where by the end of January works will commence.”
The works in question are initiatives like the repair or renewal of paving and other
surfaces, the installation, extension or changes of road signs and signals, new road
markings, safety warnings and related items and jobs.

Marbella seeks to increase its registered population with a campaign directed towards
foreign residents

Our climate, the leisure possibilities we offer, our commercial facilities or the
possibility to pick up discounted properties after the crisis and the chance to set up a
business here are all factors that have contributed towards Marbella becoming the
municipality with the sharpest increase in population in the region. And new residents
keep coming in. According to data provided by the Junta de Andalusia’s Institute of
Statistics and Cartography, 39.500 new foreigners were registered last year. But be
this as it may, there are many more of these residing in Marbella who can still not be
found on official lists.
Some weeks ago City Hall kicked off a campaign directed towards these foreign
residents, in order for them to register so Marbella’s official population gets closer to
reality. This campaign picks up steam particularly in highly frequented areas like
markets and shopping malls. Every 2 months City Hall will hold meetings with
representatives of the many foreign residents associations here. Their cooperation is
vital in the effectiveness of this campaign and its reaching as many of these ‘hidden’
residents as possible.
Among other measures taken is the appearance of a trailer/truck at all the City’s
markets in which citizens can sit down and register on the spot. There will also be
stands in shopping malls and at places like El Corte Inglés, with similar agreements in
the making at La Cañada and Marina Banus.

City Hall continues to push for the extension of the Paseo Maritimo in easterly direction
between Arroyo Pozuelo y Arroyo Segundo

The Mayor, Ms Angeles Muñoz, accompanied by the President of the Provincial
Government Mr Elias Bendodo, visited the section between Arroyo Segundo and
Arroyo Pozuelo today, which will extend the Paseo Maritimo in easterly direction.
Ms Muñoz confirms that this is “a macro-project connecting La Bajadilla with Rio
Real Playa by way of adding 4 segments between Arroyo Segundo and Arroyo
Pozuelo for which a budget of 950.00 Euros was reserved, covering a distance of 690
meters, and which is now close to completion”. She further outlined that work
included the completion of an access road 4 meters wide with sidewalks on both sides
and that with the installation of a wooden bridge to cross Arroyo Segundo itself, the
public is well served.
The President of the Provincial Government pointed out that the coastal walkway
hopes to connect Manilva with Nerja through 180 km of coast and that he values the
extension of Marbella’s Paseo Maritimo, a city at the heart of the Costa del Sol.

City Hall supports Vodafone’s Marbella initiative installing Fibre-Optic cabling in the City

The Mayor of Marbella, Ms Angeles Muñoz, has presented the Vodafone Project for
the installation of fibre-optic cabling, which by the end of next year will have
connected more than 25.000 housing and commercial units to this new service.
The Mayor indicates that with this innovation internet speeds will increase to as high
as 200 Mb. “This validates Vodafone’s commitment to the City and gives maximum
service to its residents.” Ms Muñoz declared, adding that super-fast Broadband 4G
has already reached 70% of the population.
The IT operator’s goal is that 4G Broadband reaches 90% of its clients by the
beginning of the year and 98% by March, according to its spokespersons.

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