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May 24, 2018
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Miguel Lopez Fails to Inspire at Kasser Rassu Art Gallery in Marbella

Last Friday saw the launch of the new Miguel Lopez exhibition at Kasser Rassu Art Gallery in Marbella.

Hell and Damnation Awaits

As most of you know I’m not scared of criticism and if you are going to work in the Art world then you will need a thick skin when it comes to peoples views on your work.

I should have posted this story nearly a week ago, but I’ve only just come out of a deep depression bought on by having to spend three hours in the Gallery with the most mind bogglingly dark, depressing art work I’ve had the misfortune to suffer in a long time. Miguel’s works, somewhat Biblical took me back to the days of my first Bible, with images of Hell and Damnation coming from every corner of the room, with visions of the local vicar telling me I was headed to the hottest place in hell. Actually he was right, and I was here already.

Of course I’m not suggesting that Miguel Lopez is talentless, far from it, his images are well composed and executed with fine brush strokes. And as they say different strokes for different folks, not my cup of tea clearly, but to other eyes these pieces may by just the thing they have been looking for to adorn the walls of their home.

Of course the company was superb as usual and eventually a couple of glasses of “white” dulled the senses enough to carry on with life. Also on a brighter note, the people from Ibercar Bennet had on display some of their latest models of Mercedes Benz.

Kasser Rassu, of course exhibits art for all tastes once a month and I’m sure the next one will be a little more down my street.

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