Neuhaus Jewellery, A Cut Above The Rest.
May 24, 2018
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Neuhaus Jewellery, A Cut Above The Rest.

Neuhaus jewellery is one of the most famous and prestige jewellery brands in the world, with luxurious boutiques in Spain, Russia; US, France & Israel.

c80c54_43267b65254c2a6d49cfa544a1f868fc.jpg_srz_978_550_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzOwned and managed by Mr. Gil Neuhaus, a well known jewellery designer, who has been creating jewellery for more than 20 years for the crème de la crème of the world, with Dozens of Hollywood stars as his personal friends and customers.

Neuhaus jewellery has been captivating the world’s attention with jewellery creations presenting complex and prestigious works such as Giant seashells embedded with precious stones and woven carpets of white and colored diamondsG7

All Neuhaus creations are handmade in a process that ensures the full attention and personal touch granted to each masterpiece. The high quality raw material used in the designs is carefully handpicked around the world and allow Neuhaus a unique interpretation to each design.G8

All Neuhaus handmade jewellery is produced in limited edition series in order to preserve the uniqueness and artistic vision, the collections are designed to complement the latest trends in the world of fashion and are appropriate for all ages and tastes. The changing world of fashion inspires the designs and Neuhaus thrives to reflect those trends and inspire new fashion trends.

G1Since the dawn of humanity, jewellery have represented the ultimate memoir of those precious moments in life you will cherish forever. Designated for engagements, weddings, birthdays, greeting a newborn into ones life, or just to show your loved ones how special they are for you, jewellery are a symbol of compassion, of care, of humanity – they are the symbol of love. As such, they have the power to make any special moment into an unforgettable one.
Neuhaus’ ‘Love’ collection is composed of astonishing creations made of 18 karat gold set with high-quality diamonds and beautiful semi-precious stones. Similar to the eternity of love, the creations are timeless, aimed to be worn forever, regardless of the constantly changing fashions around us.G4

For more information on Neuhaus go to  and check out the new 2014 collectionG6

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