Ocean Club Marbella Heralds The Close of Summer 2013

In years gone by, the first rains after the summer, were guaranteed, the second the San Pedro Feria (the last of the feria season) opened its doors. This is no longer the case as this dubious honour now falls on Thierry and his gang at the Ocean Club in Marbella.

Ocean Club Closing 2013
Ocean Club Closing 2013

 Regardless of when the closing event takes place, the rains will come, although on the evening in question only a light shower appeared half way through the festivities and the hundreds of guests, all attired in black and gold didn’t even notice.

And what festivities they were, based on the Gridiron or American Football, you know the one where they wear pads so they don’t get hurt. So, complete with marching band from La Pollinica, the ones you normally see marching down the street at Semana Santa, cheerleaders, guitarist Manuel Moore, sax from Ruben Moran, vocals from Odille Lima and John Newman, DJ’s Edu Reyes, Jay.S, Nilo, Zoe and BNY the night was a spectacle worthy of Superbowl. The entertainment was closed by percussionist supreme Echedy Molina and Drums on Live, and at midnight, the obligatory firework display.

The Champagne houses of Epernay will be counting the sheckles they made this summer from the Ocean spray parties and praying for a short winter to start it all again in 2014.

Author Johnny Gates

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  1. I wanted to know where I could find the pictures taken by johnny gates on the night of the ocean club closing party please. defo amazing night


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