The American College of Marbella Opens it's Campus With Cutting Edge Technology
June 19, 2018
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The American College of Marbella Opens it’s Campus With Cutting Edge Technology

American College of Marbella

 LED and plasma projectors, broadband Internet and video conferencing with teachers in the U.S. and Dubai, are some of the features of the new campus. The college also offers access to an online library that allows to consult an unlimited number of publications.

The American College of Marbella
Adrian Butler, Melissa Butler, Carmen Díaz and Pancho Campo

  The American College of Marbella (ACM) introduced today its campus of Sierra Blanca hosting the first American university in the Costa del Sol. Equipped with the latest Technologies, such as broadband Internet and LED projectors, among others, it is located in a new building in the shopping center Le Village.


The opening ceremony was attended by the Councillor for Culture and Education of Marbella, Carmen Díaz; Campus Director of the American College of Marbella, Melissa Butler; the ACM Development Director, Adrian Butler; and the ACM Director of Marketing, Francisco Campo.


The university facilities boast different academic spaces, distributed in four classrooms, faculty lounge, conference room, management and administration area, as well as a students lounge.


Small groups and sports campus


The classrooms have a maximum capacity of 15 students, since the philosophy of the American College of Marbella is teaching to small groups. All classrooms are equipped with projectors, plasma, internet access and high-speed video conferencing facilities with both U.S. and The American College of Dubai teachers, the university where ACM maintains a cooperative agreement. In addition, each student will have a laptop and will be able to connect to the internet through broadband all over the campus.  The college also provides access to an online library that allows to consult an unlimited number of publications.


American academic institutions also value sporting achievement by its students, so in accordance with an agreement with the ‘Manolo Santana Racquets Club’ students can develop their skills in these facilities practicing sports such as tennis, paddle, gymnastics, weightlifting, swimming and martial arts.


Campus facilities also offer private parking, which will be accessible to all students, as well as restaurants located in the same building.


The advantages of the American Education System


The American Education System allows students to begin their university career without having to immediately decide their major. During the first two years students are required to complete what is known as General Education Requirements. Once these are completed, students from ACM will be able to transfer to any university in the USA or Canada where they will be able to obtain a US degree from an accredited university.


The US university system has the advantage of offering numerous degrees in different fields. The following is an example of some of the degrees pursued by many of our students:


International Business / Business Administration / Marketing / Education / Communications/ Economics / History/ International Relations / Journalism / IT / English and English Literature / Humanities


Students enrolled at ACM receive the college’s official transcript that lists the subjects, grades, and credits of all work completed prior to transcript request in order to allow students to study in the USA.


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