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June 19, 2018
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The American College of Marbella Welcomes Broward College of Florida.

The American College of Marbella, Broward College, Florida.

The American College of Marbella Welcomes Broward College of Florida.

The American College of Marbella

The American College of Marbella, now named The American College in Spain due to its future expansion to other Spanish cities, held this morning, Wednesday the 8th of April, the signing of an affiliation agreement with Broward College of Florida. Broward College being one of the five largest universities in the US is set to be established in Marbella city, with this improved agreement with ACS.

The collaboration guarantees greater fluidity of access to a number of universities in both the USA and Canada for students who have completed two years of undergraduate study at ACS- and of course, meet, the access requirements imposed by each institution (academic level, language certificates, visa, etc.). In the words of those responsible for this agreement, “This is a tremendous opportunity for both Spanish residents and foreign students to commence their careers in Marbella and later obtain a degree from a university of such magnitude”.

The official presentation of this agreement was attended by David Moore, Director of Broward College International Education, who travelled to Marbella especially from the United States. He spoke today of how he was delighted by this agreement “that allows the American College to obtain the support of Education USA, the US government organization that recognizes and accredits American university studies abroad”. As well as adding “the university which I represent has fifteen international centers with the aim of promoting multicultural education through these exchanges”.

The agreement will come into effect in September 2015 for the upcoming future academic years. This arrangement between the two educational institutions significantly expands logistical and bureaucratic-academic support for undergraduate students in Marbella. Out of the 120 credits required for a university degree in the American system, 60 of these (considered general education requirements) can be can be earned in Marbella.The American College of Marbella

The press conference was held this morning at the headquarters of the American College, and was also joined by the current director of the center, Melissa Butler, and Adrian Butler, director of international development both of whom currently hold the reins of the American College, founded in Marbella in 2013 by their father, Dr. James Butler (who for over 40 years has been working within the American education system in Spain, Dubai and throughout world). Ms. Butler joked to members of the press: “We wish for our students to go directly from the Marbella sunshine to the sunshine state of Florida” later emphasizing, on a more serious note, the importance of this agreement “that establishes easier access for college students into an American university”.

The event was also attended by Councilor of Culture, Carmen Díaz, who highlighted: “The opening of an American College in Marbella was excellent news on both an educational and cultural level. This new university agreement provides the city and its residents with further possibilities. We will welcome those student-athletes spending their academic year here with open arms as well as offering complete local institutional support”. Acknowledging the presence of the authorities Melissa Butler wished to thank the city: “We must consider that our campus greatly benefits from the towns’ hospitality, cosmopolitan life, wonderful weather, as well as the great infrastructure of Marbella. Furthermore, the importance of this agreement goes beyond being purely academic since it is critical for the region and for attracting tourists, residents and American investment, especially through the college football program”.David Moore005 copy

The event also welcomed the 40 American student-athletes whom are preparing to become professional footballers and are set to arrive in Marbella thanks to the international coach, Bobby Lennon. The American College will be responsible for providing the academic content during their stay, adapting it accordingly to each level and age (ranging between 16 and 23 years). “The exchange of students, as demonstrated, works both ways. For these young players, as with previous athletes in the field of golf and tennis, we have prepared a training schedule that allows for a busy timetable made up of training that does not neglect their studies” concluded the director of the American College, Melissa Butler, at the end of the press conference.The American College of Marbella

The students will be in Marbella for the upcoming academic year while they train with European teams to improve their level of the game. “We have come to Spain because it has one of the best football leagues in world. And we chose Marbella because of its extraordinary weather which makes it easy to train. We also feel that Marbella provides an international atmosphere which will facilitate the immersion of these boys who have to get accustomed to a new city (…). We wish to become part of the community as well as providing local aspiring footballers with the opportunity to obtain scholarships in order to study in the US. Our selection of young students will not only come with the purpose to simply study or play football, but also to mature and obtain an experience of what it means to live in Spain. (…) Our objective is not simply to create students or athletes but to also assist them in becoming decent human beings”. Bobby Lennon pointed out to some members of the media following the announcement.

David Moore, Bobby Lennon and Adrian Butler were interviewed by Johnny Gates later in the day on Marbella Now TV, which can be viewed on

Event: Press conference presentation regarding the AGREEMENT BETWEEN AMERICAN COLLEGE OF SPAIN-Marbella and BROWARD COLLEGE Florida. Held this morning the 8th of April.
Held: ACS- Campus in Marbella: CC. Le Village, Carretera de Istan km 1, Marbella

(The managers of the agreement are available to the media for interviews)

For further information: Emma Avery Web: Email: Mobile: 626 681 308

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