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May 24, 2018
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The Fornasari RR99

The Fornasari RR99

I tried out the new Fornasari RR99 prototype that currently can be seen in the Guarnieri Consecionarios in San Pedro.

The Fornasari RR99


 I wanted to see what this super car was all about and to really understand it, I had to go into a character that would love this car.


I am between 25 and 45 in age…

Of eastern European decent and love to show off…

If I am a man I am definitely looking for a sexy blond in a Puerto Banus night club…

If I am a woman (preferably a sexy blond) I have managed to get hold of a man of means, funnily enough we met in a Puerto Banus night club!

I am also an amateur racing driver…

Are you with me?

Now let’s talk about the Fornasari RR99 four door SUV that you can find in the Guarnieri Concesionarios in San Pedro de Alcantara, Marbella.

I got in the car. It’s big, amazing looking, low profile racing tires, leather seats, wooden stearing wheel,  racing pedals, V8 roaring engine and custom built.

I start the engine and I love the purring of the V8 and the heaviness of the first gears… I know this car is made for driving!


The one I tried was an automatic and as I put it into drive I could really feel the 500+ horsepower of this monster. Judging from that the car is very large, it has an amazingly tight turning circle and is very easy to manage even if you are not a very confident driver. I reversed it out of the parking without any problems at all. The first thing that I notice as I am driving it out the main road in San Pedro is that everybody, and I mean everybody, is looking at me and the car. If you are looking for an eye catcher this is your vehicle, without any doubt.The Fornasari RR99

I had to go to Malaga that day on business so I thought I would take the toll road to get there quicker. Out on the motorway I noticed that this car has incredible road holding. I saw that my speedometer was pointing at 160 km/h but I thought there was something wrong with it. I honestly felt there is no way I possibly could be doing 160… it felt as if I was doing 90! After realising that this car, although big and with a high wheel base, was able to do 160 no trouble at all, I felt I really had to test it… And so I did, and the conclusion that I made was that a good cruising speed for this car is 200 km per hour and then it feels as  if you are driving a normal car in 120 km/h.. Do you understand the sheer power and control you have in this car? It is amazing… Cruising at 200 and you have full control! No wind disturbance, full traction in the wheels, no rolling… I am not going to tell you how fast I went but I can tell you that I didn’t use all 6 gears, there was a lot more to fetch so my gosh, this car is made for driving fast…. and showing off in the Puerto Banus at the same time!  It’s not an intermediate car. It’s an all or nothing car.


It has a very futuristic design. It’s huge to start with. Fornasari themselves have designed this car to “become an icon of motoring” and I see where they are coming from. It is so much more… Car than other GT’s around. Even if it has a very simple design inside it still has all you need. You have everything you need and or everything extra. It’s up to you as the customer to design your personal Fornasari. You can chose to fit it with Formula breaks and suspensions made to win the Dakar or the Grand Prix and you can have a  hand-hammered body in carbon or aluminum, and even 18” rims or the 23” dizzy ‘rings’, which can be combined with tires for either desert sands or high-speed circuits. The seats are comfortable and there is a lot of space. The leather is hand stitched and beautifully decorated. The dashboard reminds me of a vintage sport car. Very cool!  The automatic gear box makes a noise and has a very “manual” feel to it…  Although this car is a prototype so I am expecting it to be very much refined when the real product comes out on the market.The Fornasari RR99

It’s a car made for people that like big monstrous machines that go fast on the motorway and for people that likes to be seen. Nobody looks at me in my Seat! Can I have my Fornasari back please?

Contact Mario Guarnieri if you want to give this beast a try.

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