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June 20, 2018
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Victoriano, The Carrier Bag King At Kasser Rassu Marbella

kasser rassu marbella, marbella art, victoriano

Victoriano, The Carrier Bag King At Kasser Rassu Marbella

kasser rassu marbella, marbella art, victoriano

Anybody who can sell you a framed carrier bag for four grand is a fucking genius (please excuse the expletive but my gob is well and truly smacked) and this is exactly what Victoriano has done here in Marbella, namely at the renowned Kasser Rassu Gallery on the Golden Mile.

And to be fair what a wonderful exhibition, I absolutely loved the way that Victoriano turned the ordinary into something desirable, well to a certain section of society anyway.

Now if you don’t live in Marbella or Hollywood then maybe a Versace  carrier bag is indeed something that should be framed and revered, but here of course we see as many Gucci or Bulgari carriers as we do Lidl or Aldi and who’s to say they shouldn’t be given the Victoriano treatment too, I shall suggest it later in the week.kasser rassu marbella, marbella art, victoriano

As an exhibition, Victoriano’s work, for me, was a breath of fresh air, a world away from the suicidal, manic depressive, abstract and artistically genocidal moronic works that we have had to suffer in the past, people with no more artistic talent than an Absinthe free one eared Dutchman and no more fun than a comedian at a funeral.

I applaud Victoriano for sticking the one fingered salute at all things arty farty and pretentious and actually giving us something visually pleasing to the eye from something so mundane as, what is basically, albeit high end, a bloody carrier bag, or has he cottoned on to the fact that the bag is as important in these days of material wealth as the contents?

A must see show, even if it’s to prove that even the ordinary can be extraordinary, so next week I shall be exhibiting photographs of my testicles, as they too carry something very exclusive, and if I don’t mind saying so my self, will look good in a nice passe-partout and black frame, P.O.A…


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