February 24, 2018
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Vive la Reine Fashion Show at The Gourmet Deli, Marbella.

Vive la Reine
Vive La Reine Fashion Show in The Gourmet Deli, Marbella

Vive La Reine, Long Live the Queen, and no, this has nothing to do with the recent Royal birthday bash at Windsor castle, but the queen in question is of course Susie K, fashionista extraordinaire and owner of Marbella’s latest fashion house Vive La Reine.

 Vive La Reine Fashion Show in The Gourmet Deli, Marbella

Another newcomer to the Marbella scene, the Gourmet Deli, situated on the Golden Mile just a smörgåsbord away from Kasser Rassu Art Gallery, was the chosen venue for Susie K to unleash her latest offerings to an expectant crowd of ladies, oh yes, and bringing up the rear, the token male, Mr Giles “Danger” Brown, clearly here to brush up on his already extensive knowledge of crochet work.

But of course it wasn’t all crochet luckily, as bikinis came out, with a distinct 50’s feel to them, I mean I didn’t feel the bikinis, that would have been wrong, just that they looked like they could have been used in the beach scene in From Here to Eternity, if you get my drift. And then continuing the theme of famous decades from the century passed, Susie finished off with a complete “Charleston” of Twenties dresses, straight out of the Great Gatsby.

And we all lived happily ever after…




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