December 14, 2017

Wine Facts, Sex, Dark Chocolate and Red Wine.

The ultimate trilogy! The true pleasures of life. Got your attention?

Wine Facts

Thought so! It’s a fact that wine and sex are one of the ultimate pairings imaginable. Who doesn’t love the way the wine warms your body, loosens you up and creates time-stopping relaxation?

Not to mention the fact that red wine in particular is linked to a strong sex drive. So what could make this combination even more pleasurable? Well, chocolate of course! You can’t go wrong with dark chocolate and red wine. But just like wine, chocolate should be chosen carefully. In other words, don’t pair a beautiful merlot with a Snickers Bar. The stronger the chocolate the better, so pay attention to the cacao percentage in the kind that you choose. In the early evening, ply one another with red wine and dark chocolate. Then go at it like a couple of demented bunny rabbits, retire relatively early and thus wake up the next morning refreshed and happy. Stay healthy with Brad’s Wine!

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