Wine Facts: Wine Descriptions to Impress Your Girlfriend
June 20, 2018
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Wine Facts: Wine Descriptions to Impress Your Girlfriend

There is nothing worse than a wine snob and nothing better than simplifying wine.


Demystifying wine helps us understand the tastes and aromas of wines. Just remember, a grape is a fruit and wine is fermented grape juice.

I have some great tips for you to cleverly impress your friends, family and partners with some interesting wine descriptions that are correct in theory and simple to use when tasting wine. I’m going to start with a set of six easy examples and you can try them as soon as you open your next bottle of wine. When you open up a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, you can use these words to describe the wine, “blackcurrant leaf, gooseberry, green vegetable”, for Chardonnay, use “apple, nectarine” and if you check if the wine has gone through oak barrelling, use “buttery and nutty”, for Rose wines, use “summer fruit”, for Shiraz, use “plum, forest fruit and brown cinnamon”, for Merlot use “coffee, Mocha and dark chocolate” finally, for Cabernet Sauvignon, use “blackcurrant, tobacco leaf, milk chocolate and mint”. Now, why can you use these words and be guaranteed of being correct? Well, grapes are like any other fruit, each varietal has a specific character that is as diverse as an apple and an orange are and each varietal has certain basic characteristics and these are those basic flavours. As times goes on, you’ll pick up other wine characteristics and you can add those to your wine vocabulary. So try it, dive in the deep end, make some judgements on your wine and if you get really stuck, then simply smell the wine, check the colour, sip and savour and look back at your partner and state “Interesting!”. This will immediately open up the conversation back to the person you are talking to.

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