Beginners Tips For Cutting Out Meat

Beginners Tips For Cutting Out Meat

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Beginners Tips For Cutting Out Meat – The basic principle behind any vegetarian diet, regardless of the one you choose, is to cut out meat. This doesn’t just mean red meat. This refers to any meat at all, including fish. You may think you have to cut out meat all at once, but sometimes this can pose an issue for you. Most people who try this method actually end up going off the vegetarian lifestyle earlier. Here are a few ways that beginners can cut out meat from their diet and stay on the vegetarian track.

Beginners Tips For Cutting Out Meat
Beginners Tips For Cutting Out Meat

Find Flavor Grabbing Meat Substitutes

The first step to take as a beginner who is trying to cut out meat from their diet is to go with a flavor grabbing meat substitute. This means you want meat substitutes that will latch onto spices and marinades to give the substitute the same flavor and consistency that you would find from the original meat bearing meal. For example, you may love chicken stir fry. Instead of using chicken, go with a very firm tofu and cut thin slices. Soak it in a soy marinade and then cook it down. It will have the same consistency and replace the meat without you really realizing it.

Watch Animal and Meat Production Videos

It may sound cruel or all too easy, but try watching animal based meat production videos. Documentaries are the way to go on this and can show you exactly what goes on behind the scenes to get the meat you are trying to cut out to the grocery store shelves. In most cases, these documentaries have worked because the thoughts and images stick in the viewer’s mind and are difficult to ignore when you are looking at a plate of the meat you just viewed being butchered.

Increase Iron and Vitamin D

One of the things you may notice, but your body will, is the loss of iron and vitamin D if you don’t take the proper replacement steps when cutting meat out of your diet. You can increase your iron and Vitamin D intake by increasing your spinach and fortified drinks like orange juice. This small step will help curb cravings for the iron and vitamin D and make the transition easier.

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Move Through In Stages

Make sure you are moving through the stages of cutting meat out. Don’t try to do it all at once. Make sure you are taking steps and moving through this slowly. You can start off with one meatless meal a week, move up to one meatless meal a day, and then finally arrive at no meat at all.


These are just a few tips for cutting out meat. There are other methods, but these methods work for most people and are easy to put into practice. Whatever method works for you isĀ  the one to stick with and expand on.