Dining Out While Eating Whole

Dining Out While Eating Whole

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Dining Out While Eating Whole – During the Thanksgiving holiday, you might also find yourself wanting to eat out. This is common when family is visiting so that everyone goes out to eat together. Here are some helpful tips and suggestions for eating out while also sticking with the whole eating lifestyle.

Dining Out While Eating Whole
Dining Out While Eating Whole

Avoid the Children’s Menu

To start with, if you are bringing your kids out to eat, don’t let them order from the kid’s menu. This menu usually has macaroni and cheese, pizza, and chicken nuggets. None of this is going to be allowed on the whole foods diet. Instead, let them order from the regular menu and just be picky about what they get. They can get grilled chicken strips instead of chicken nuggets from the regular menu.

Go For the Gluten-free Menu

Many restaurants are now offering a gluten-free menu, which will be great for you. On the whole foods diet, you aren’t eating grains of any kind, so the gluten-free menu will have a lot of items you can have. While you still might need to make a few substitutions, it is a really good place to start.

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Look Up the Restaurant Before Going

It is helpful to know where you are going ahead of time so you can take a look at their menu online. Most restaurants do offer their full menu, and some of them will give you a list of ingredients used. This lets you see if anything is made with a dressing, sauce, or seasoning that you don’t want to have on your whole foods diet.

Get Your Chicken Grilled

When you are ordering chicken at a restaurant, always look for grilled chicken. This is usually safe since it is not fried and doesn’t contain any type of breading on top. Once again, be careful about sauce, since some grilled chicken dishes use a sauce. Instead, some safer options are grilled chicken with salsa on top or simply served with veggies on the side. If it is served with veggies and rice, ask for double veggies.

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Go For Steak and Seafood

Steak and seafood restaurants are usually safe for a whole foods diet. You can order your steak or seafood, but skip the butter, heavy sauce, French fries, and baked potatoes. See if they have sweet potatoes you can have instead without any butter added to it. It can be intimidating to try to stay whole when you are outside of the comfort of your home. And if you aren’t careful, dining out can easily throw you off of your whole food lifestyle. Following these simple tips will help you to have a stress free dining experience.