Filling Low-Carb Vegetarian Recipe Ideas

Filling Low-Carb Vegetarian Recipe Ideas

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Low-Carb Vegetarian Recipe Ideas – Switching to a new vegetarian diet is a big process, but what if you also eat low-carb? This can get a little bit tricky, but it is still possible. You do not have to eat nothing but meat and cheese just to follow a low-carb diet, but can actually be healthy and vegetarian at the same time.

Filling Low-Carb Vegetarian Recipe Ideas
Filling Low-Carb Vegetarian Recipe Ideas

Vegetable Egg Casserole

This is a low-carb vegetarian meal that is good for those who still have eggs and dairy products. So either you are just on a meatless diet where you only skip the meat, and not the dairy, or you are a lacto-ovo vegetarian. If you eat eggs but not dairy (ovo vegetarian), then you can skip the cheese and use a substitute product for it. With an egg casserole, the veggies you use are really up to you. You can go with a classic spinach and artichoke casserole, or make it spicy with a southwest casserole that has tomatoes, bell peppers, and onions. The casserole will have eggs, cheese, veggies, and seasonings, along with some milk for liquid.

Cauliflower ‘Chicken’

This is more of a broad low-carb vegetarian recipe because there are many ways to serve the faux chicken dish. Cauliflower florets are perfect as a chicken substitute to their size and bland flavor. Like tofu, cauliflower doesn’t taste like much, but can pick up flavors you cook it with. So you can make buffalo cauliflower bites with the same sauce you would use for your favorite buffalo chicken, or go for a spicy Chinese dish by mixing up rice wine vinegar soy sauce, sesame oil, and spices and serving it with veggies instead of rice.

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Vegetable Lasagna

You can also make a vegetable lasagna that happens to be low-carb, and can be made in the slow cooker. It really doesn’t get any better than that! To make this recipe low-carb, you will be using zucchini and eggplant that has been sliced extra thin into lasagna-like noodles. These are laid flat when layering your lasagna directly in the slow cooker. If you eat cheese, you can go ahead and use cheese, but vegan cheese substitute also works well with this recipe. You will then add in your own tomato sauce and keep layering everything. Add in as many vegetables as you want to finish off the dish.

Low-Carb Vegetarian Recipe Ideas – Remember to focus on the ingredients that tend to make foods high in carbs, like rice, pasta, and bread, and just replace them with vegetarian-friendly, low-carb ingredients.

Easy Vegetarian Food Swaps

Food swapping is a common tactic for beginner vegetarians to use. It helps get on the vegetarian bandwagon while finding suitable options to replace foods that may not be part of a vegetarian lifestyle. If you are looking for some common food swaps that may help you on your beginning path to vegetarianism, consider these. These food swaps replace more common non-vegetarian foods without losing flavor or texture.

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Mushrooms for Meat

One of the easiest food swaps you can do is to swap mushrooms for meat. This can be done for meat crumbles, hamburger patties, or as part of a pasta dish and vegan burger option. Mushrooms give the same texture as most meats and give that hearty flavor to your meals. They are easy to find and you can choose from a variety of mushrooms. For example, you can use portabello mushrooms as a vessel for your vegetable stuffing mixes or as a breakfast vessel for eggs if you are ovo-vegetarian.

Coconut Oil for Butter

Butter has a number of issues with most vegans or vegetarians. Most of it has to do with how it is created and being a dairy option. You may be concerned about finding a substitute for this, but it is actually easy. Coconut oil is an ideal alternative and can work well with most recipes. Now, keep in mind this may not be the best option for baked goods. In those cases, you may have to buy your vegan baked goods already made by a trusted source. But for daily cooking and grilling, coconut oil is an ideal option.

Nut Milk for Traditional Milk

Milk is used in daily drinking, cooking, and in various ways throughout your daily life. You may be wondering how you are going to make a swap for this, but one way is to go with any nut milk out there. You can go with soy milk, almond milk, and cashew milk. Now, this may be an issue if you have a nut allergy. If that is the case, then you may want to go for another option, like coconut milk. These milk swaps can taste the same and work the same in many recipes as your traditional dairy and whole milk options.

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You can use these food swaps in multiple recipes, to help curb cravings, and to help you stay on your journey. There are other food swaps that can be made as well. Just look for things with similar textures or recipes that match recipes you love. You will find the swaps fairly easy and can make them in your own diet routine.

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