Probiotics For Lyme Disease-Healthy Natural

Probiotics For Lyme Disease-Healthy Natural

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Probiotics For Lyme Disease – As you know, Lyme disease is a type of disease caused by deer ticks that have bacteria. It often starts with just a mild rash, but can then lead to flu-like symptoms, fatigue, and pain. It is important that you start getting treatment sooner rather than later.

While medical treatments like antibiotics are available, you may also want to take a natural approach. One good way to do this is by turning to probiotics.

The following information gives you more insight into using probiotics for Lyme disease.

Probiotics For Lyme Disease
Probiotics For Lyme Disease

1. The Benefits of Using Probiotics For Lyme Disease

When you start looking at the options you have to help your Lyme disease, foods and alternative options may arise. One of the natural health options is to start using a probiotic. This option comes in several forms from superfoods to powders. If you aren’t sure if a probiotic routine will work for you and your Lyme disease issues, consider these benefits.

Introducing Good Bacteria

The main benefit of using probiotics when you have Lyme disease is to help introduce increased numbers of good bacteria into your system. During Lyme disease, your entire system slows down and that includes your digestive tract. Part of that is the production of bacteria that helps break down foods and toxins to move them through the body. By using probiotics, you are pushing through the bacteria and helping the body get the toxins out so it can heal properly and eventually produce the proper levels of probiotics and bacteria on their own.

Clearing Toxins Quickly

Probiotics will help to clear toxins from the body quickly. Keep in mind you can take antibiotics that will quickly cure Lyme disease if you catch it early enough. Just because your body no longer suffers from the disease, that does not mean that you are free and clear. You will still have the residual issues that come from the disease itself. With that in mind, you need help boosting the removal of those toxins to help your body heal and this is where probiotics benefit you.

Colon Cleansing

Through your digestive tract is now working, you will still need help with cleaning your colon. Remember that all your waste is processed through the colon and then moved out of the body. It is like the septic tank of your system. That means it has a ton of build-up and needs to be cleansed on a routine basis. You can take various colon cleansing products, but all of them will contain probiotics. This is because they help to flush the system, cleaning the colon, and helping the colon to work at optimal levels. These are just a few of the benefits that probiotics can provide. You can use several ways to get your probiotics in, but the most popular are either chewable tablets or powders that can be added to juices or drinks. If you aren’t sure which one to use, consider asking your doctor for a recommendation.

2. What to Know About Using Probiotics

You may have it narrowed down that you want to use probiotics for your Lyme disease. You may even know that you want to use a certain type of probiotic. Even with this knowledge, you may be missing out on some key aspects of using probiotics. Here are a few things that you need to know about using them, how to use them, and some tips for routine usage.

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Amounts of Probiotics

The first thing that many people ask is if there is a limit to the probiotics they can have in the body. They also wonder if you can overdose or cause damage to your body by using too many probiotics. The quick answer is no to both. The key to remember is that if you are using superfoods or over the counter probiotics then you are likely not going to have an overdose level of them in your system. This only becomes an issue when you are taking a prescribed form of probiotics and under those cases you will be under a doctor’s care.

Digestive Expectations

When you start on probiotics you may not know what to expect, especially if you have never taken them before. The first thing to know is that they are not a quick fix. For example, if you are having an issue with constipation, you are likely not going to see relief from that with one use of probiotics. You will see relief over time and you may experience an issue with slight stomach cramps. This is due to the intestines finally moving or working after a slow period. If you experience issues with severe stomach pain or with issues with your bowel movements that are abnormal, contact your doctor and stop the use of the probiotics.

Mixing Options

If you are taking an over the counter probiotic powder or pill, do not mix this with other forms of probiotics in large doses. This does not mean you should stay away from yogurt and other superfoods, it simply means that you need to step back from the superfoods that contain this or lower your doses. Keep in mind that over the counter options are a bit stronger and deliver more probiotics to your system in a quicker fashion that foods will. If you start to notice and issue with your digestion or something that seems odd in how your body is reacting once you start using probiotics routinely, consider changing your routine. You can reduce the intake, stop the intake for a week or so, or consult your doctor for other options.

3. Probiotics You Can Make Yourself

Probiotics is something that can occur naturally in certain foods. One of the most common foods to find probiotics in is yogurt or other type of fermented options. These can be costly if you are using them several times a day. They can also be worrisome if you start to look at the different ingredients that can be found alongside the probiotics. If these are concerns, you can make your own yogurt, kefir, and even kombucha. Here is how to make each one for your routine use.


You can make yogurt easily at home. What you will need is either a crockpot, which is the easiest way, or a yogurt machine. The yogurt machine can be a bit more costly, but if you want to use it often and make yogurt often then it may be easier for you than the crockpot. You will also need one cup of plain regular yogurt. This is the starter for your yogurt and it will help build the bacteria that you need.

In addition to the cooking vessel and the yogurt, you will also need whole milk. Depending on the method you are using you will either need to mix one gallon of milk that has been cooked to a weak boil and add the one cup of yogurt then move the mixture to jars for the yogurt machine or you will need to place the ingredients into the crockpot and cook on low for several hours. Once you start making your own yogurt, you will start to perfect your own recipe.


The easiest way to make kefir is to use a kefir starter kit. This will give you everything you need to make the yogurt like drink. This drink can be kept in your refrigerator for a few days, but if you are using it on a routine basis then you will go through it before it goes bad. You can also use the kit to get used to the process. This uses kefir grains as a starter which is a bit different than other methods for similar yogurt based options.


Kombucha requires several pieces of equipment, but to ensure that you are not buying the wrong sizes or items a kit is usually suggested. The kit can cost under $50 and will help you make a very large amount of kombucha that you can drink daily. Whereas yogurt and kefir take less than a day to create, this fermented tea can take a week to a month. There are other foods with probiotics to help with your Lyme disease. However, these are the three easiest to make at home with appliances and items you likely already have or can get cheaply.

4. Superfoods Containing Probiotics

So, you have decided to try using probiotics as a method to help with your Lyme disease. The problem is you don’t want to pay for costly powders or tablets. You may think this means you can’t use probiotics. It turns out, you can. All you have to do is look to superfoods. Here are several superfoods that contain probiotics and how you can use them just as effectively as powders and pills to help your Lyme disease.

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Yogurt is the first food you should turn to if you are trying to boost the probiotics in your body to help your Lyme disease as you already know, but what you might not know is that it is also a superfood. Yogurt contains live cultures that introduce good bacteria into your stomach and digestive system. This will help further break down the foods that are in your system. They will also help flush out the toxins and digested foods from your body. If you have a slow digestive system or if you feel like your body is not digesting and eliminating at a normal rate, then this may be the ideal option for you.


Miso is a soybean based seasoning used in Asian cooking. It is most commonly used in a soup named for the same seasoning. Miso soup is easy to make and easy to find at most Japanese steak houses and sushi restaurants. This soup can be eaten once a day to help deliver probiotics to your system. You can also buy the miso in a paste or powder to add to soups as well. You can also find ready-made miso soups that require just water and can be taken at any time. Remember, with superfoods you can eat them as often as you want and mix them into your daily diet routine. You can also have them several times a day and know that you are getting a natural version of the probiotic rather than one that may have other ingredients that you don’t want or that could interact with your Lyme disease or a co-infection.

5. How to Use Probiotics For This Disease

Probiotics aren’t just limited to one way of introducing them into your system. If you find that the benefits of probiotics are worth trying, then you may want to look at the different ways to introduce them to your body. Before you just grab a bottle of them, make sure you know your options and consider them alongside of your lifestyle and what works best for you. Here are those methods and how to use them in your routine.

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Routine is Vital

The first thing to consider about how to use probiotics is to take them on a routine basis. For example, if you are using them in a powder or pill form you should take them daily at the same time. This will help your body get used to having the probiotics in your system and will help your body to start kicking your digestion back into normal gear. If you do not take them regularly or on a somewhat routine basis then you will not see the results that you need and you may have issues with constipation and stomach cramps from the irregular delivery of the probiotics.

Take Breaks

The whole point of introducing probiotics to your system is to help boost your bodies digestive system. If you are continually taking probiotics you are not giving your body the chance to produce the right levels of bacteria you need. Your body starts to rely on the probiotic. This means you are not producing the amounts you need to produce. For this reason, you should take a break on a routine basis from the probiotics. This could be two weeks on them and one week off or more routinely depending on your specific body needs.

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Stop at the Right Time

As previously stated, probiotics are there to help boost your own body’s production of good bacteria. They are not meant to be an ongoing supplement or treatment. This means that when you start to notice your body reacting normally during the routine breaks from the probiotic you need to stop taking it. Let your body do the work it was meant to and take the signs that your body is sending you that it is ready to stand on its own. You can choose to use one of these methods or you can choose to mix them and use a different method each day or week. It is up to you and what works best for your needs.