Tips for Saving Money on a Vegan Diet

Tips for Saving Money on a Vegan Diet

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Tips for Saving Money on a Vegan Diet – While vegan diets are sometimes scrutinized for being unhealthy or unfulfilling, they are actually a great way to increase vitamin intake and lose weight without feeling like you’re giving up any of your favorite foods. There are many ways to penny-pinch while still eating fresh vegan foods. Consider these five tips to keep your wallet full.

Tips for Saving Money on a Vegan Diet
Tips for Saving Money on a Vegan Diet

1. Buy Bulk

Grains, nut milk, and noodles are all much cheaper when bought in bulk and take forever to spoil. This way you can rotate foods without getting bored, save some money, and watch the pounds fall off.

2. Grow It!

What better way to get fruits, veggies, and herbs than to grow them yourself? Regardless of where you live, there are at least ten different types of raw foods ready to bloom or be picked at any given time of year. Squash, tomatoes, zucchini, and herbs like basil and mint are some personal favorites of mine. As long as you think ahead and plan accordingly, you will have a garden in bloom year-round which will save you an untold amount of money.

3. Avoid Pre-packaged

Veggie chips, non-dairy ice cream, dried “superfoods”, and raw chocolate–we’ve all been tempted by these deliciously packaged treats. Sometimes we even like them so much that we buy them again. And again. And again. But I’m here to tell you to stay away! These pre-packed foods not only pack in unnecessary calories, but they also cost a small fortune compared to how cheaply you can make them from home.

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4. Shop Around

There is no one-stop shop that has the best prices on every single type of raw vegan food. Some stores have great prices on bulk grains, while others are better for buying frozen veggies. Some may not carry fresh fruit, but have an awesome selection of nuts and seeds. Regardless of what you’re looking for, go ahead and scout out multiple stores to save the maximum amount of money possible.

Cheap vegetarian meal plan for weight loss

5. Plan Recipes

Not all vegan recipes are created equally. I’ve found that one-pot recipes tend to cost the least while still producing weight-loss. Add some veggies into a pot with some rice (or noodles) for an easy dinner that will easily make lunch leftovers the next day. As long as you switch up the grain and vegetables every now and then, you’ll have a cheap, low-calorie meal that will never bore you.

While fresh fruits and veggies may sound expensive, they don’t always have to be! Shop around, create budget-conscious recipes, and purchase in bulk to hit your target weight without breaking the bank.