Why I love Jose Maria Soler



At the Luxury Weekend in Puerto Banus this summer, I saw a fashion show outside the Gomez and Molina jewelry shop and I can honestly say that I haven’t seen one single fashion show where I like everything that is shown.

Every other fashion show I go to I sure like a few pieces here and there, but not everything… Well I did when Jose Maria Soler showed his sexy line of evening dresses that day.

They were just coming out, one after one, some more exploding and colourful than others, some virginal and romantic, some black and seductive… I thought to myself; I must have one of these dresses! I can take anyone of them… they are all gorgeous, please let me meet the designer!

Jose Maria Soler, born in Malaga has had a rocketing career as a designer since he started his schooling in 1976. In 1984 he had his first show in the Puente Romano Hotel in Marbella, next to Valentino, Francis Montesinos and Grazzia and was named “The Father of Fashion” already at an age of 24!
Soler continued his career, showing in Madrid, Atlanta, New York and Miami and worked with important fashion houses until he came back to Malaga and started in 1997 his own Haute Couture atelier, whilst he continued to do sporadic designs for other brands.

Soler is a loved name and brand in all of Spain and abroad. He was awarded the number one price in the “Gremio de Sastres y Modistas” a prestigeous price given out by the town Valencia since 1247, only ever given to the most in the know within the world of fashion. Already in those days the responsibility given to a designer part of the Gremio de Sastres y Modistas was huge. Those were the dressmakers of kings and queens and basically carried the whole world’s fashion upon their shoulders. Soler also arranged an outdoor fashion show in Malaga where over 5000 people came to see it. After that he has been present in all the big fashion gatherings in Europe like Milano, Paris, London and Rome.

Let’s just say that is a privilege to have a designer like Jose Maria Soler just around the corner from where I live, and… Lucky me I got to wear one of his spectacular dresses at the Donnas del Mundo Art Exhibition in the Casino in Marbella… A dream come true!