Wine Facts: Three Wine Myths

Here are some interesting facts from Brads Wines, our resident wine and food buff.

Wine Myths

1. Red wine should be served at room temperature.

This is more a modern untruth than a myth and the idea emerged in the late 19th century when houses of that period were considerably cooler than today’s homes. Wines served too warm can get sickly, cool everything down a bit, start of pouring at a lower temperature perhaps serving a wine form the fridge (chill for 30 minutes before serving), the wine will be fresher and will always warm up if required in the glass.

2. Wine does not travel.

Foreign wines always taste great by the pool in the sun or on the piste on holiday; bring a few bottles home and they don’t taste the same? It’s not the wine that has changed, it’s the climate, atmospheric pressure and your taste buds. Frankly, everything tastes good when you are relaxing on holiday. Context is everything when enjoying wine; mood and environment exert a powerful influence on how much pleasure you derive from a bottle.

3. Opening wine lets it breathe.

This in itself is a good idea. Many wines, particularly young red ones, taste better if they have been opened an hour or so before you want to drink them and they are exposed to air. However, it is the execution where we go wrong; simply pulling the cork (or removing the screw cap) and leaving the bottle on the side is a pointless exercise – the amount of air in contact with wine is negligible. You need to decant the wine into a larger vessel to increase the surface area exposed.

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